Worst Thing They Did To This Game


Was stack abilities. I just played a game as the behemoth where they had both Val & Crow and after finding me the first time, it was legimitally impossible to get away because of the stun gun and the tranq dart. This needs to be fixed asap. You can’t have two separate classes with the same ability, TRS.

I am telling you, behemoth was the slowest thing I have ever played in a game because of this, it was so frustrating and so not enjoyable.


They stack?


They don’t. The slow down always goes to whichever effect is strongest, in this case, a charged stun attack.


Ok well than that needs to be nerfed, pronto. I play as Crow and it is beyond way too easy to land a charged stun. This was my first time against him as a monster and now I know what it is like and it honestly ruins the game. It slows you down way too much!


Well, thankfully, this is something that a lot of folks have said, and it will likely be changed if they deem the change nessecary.


They don’t stack, but they can be chained together so that you get perma-slowed without either of them giving up their primary abilities. Val can track the monster with tranq dart for 10 seconds. Crow can track the monster with Gobi spam. Val can slow the monster long range with tranq. Then Crow can spam perma slow stasis.

I encountered this once before. Was slowed for maybe 60-70% of the match. Well, for the 60-70% I actually stuck around for. After that, I Alt/f4’ed out, closed Evolve and went to go play Bloodborne for a few hours. Oddly Bloodborne felt easier to play than the monster in Evolve did.


Hmmm… An interesting thought would be a sort of diminishing effect thing - The more that the monster gets tranqed in a short amount of time the lesser the effect is…


You said you were behemoth no rockwall? I had trouble as Goliath with that combo just kept ducking behind terrain. Kraken isn’t really effected by it as long as you stay airborne.


Pretty sure that Chris Aston is aware that the behemoth is being slowed too much by Stasis… it should slow his roll by about 13% but its doing about 30% slowing.


I had rock wall, but it was my first time using tongue grab which I personally find awful compared to the other three abilities


All slows are pretty OP at the moment, and the problem is they are more effective on some monsters than others. A charged slow doesn’t mean a thing to Goliath or Kraken, but to Wraith and Behemoth they’re a death sentence more often than not.


This, I can agree with.


This this this!! Exactly this! I actually almost quit the game as well because I was so annoyed that it was impossible to get away from being tracked and slowed! Let me also say that it was because I got carrion birds on my first kill like I have been getting way too many times since the update which is why they found me in the first place. I constantly get birds now and I sneak the entire game! It’s incredibly annoying!


Yeah especially since people found out how to jetpack out of it. I hit around ten to fifteen grabs a match yet only two people come to me the rest fly backwards.


Behemoth is affected way too much by Slowing effects. His traversal is a sort of movement that can be affected by slows unlike the other three monsters who can jump, fly, and warp. Sure there is the Rock Wall but it only lasts 6.6 seconds with mastery leaving the remaining 3.4 seconds for more slowing.

Behemoth is supposed to be strong as hell and in a sense he should be able to resist the slowing affects as such. To be honest though the new Hunters trump the new Monster by a long shot. A monster already has an excruciating time vs a competive team and throw in unbalanced Hunters and combos on a map that favors the Hunters (like The Dam) and it’s pretty much game over for the monster once it is found and snitched on by the damn birds.

Sneaks away to leave no tracks
First meal after Hunter Touchdown (Que Birds)
Monster: Well there goes all that distance that would have been nice if I had known the birds would snitch on me so fast.

When this happens and I’m playing Hunter I feel bad for the monster because its going to be a cruel match against the Monster before s/he even has a chance unless the Hunter team is terrible but with a good Hunter team they are pretty much f**ked. Add on the New Hunters and that’s it.

I find it unbalanced as the game is as a whole. Public games the Monster wins if its competent vs randoms who don’t communicate and it is fairly easy to do it. Well put together and smart teams can easily destroy the monster because it will be found quickly and easily (probably) due to the randomness of the birds and the monster is screwed unless it can hit Stage 2 with minimal damage while evolving but its going to be domed almost for sure depending on the map.

I’d make a lot of my points clearer and in more detail but I’m pressed for time at the moment. As of right now I feel that Goliath is most balanced and in general I find him to be strongest in any situation due to his flexibility, strength and mobility. Sure the others are fairly strong in their own respects but when fast heavy damage is needed to break somebody down like the trapper to leave a dome he’s the best… provided if you have a good rock throw arm.


I noticed getting staggered quite a long time though at times. Haven’t had time to properly try it out or play alot of Behemoth though to see if upping the ability actually increases the stagger duration or even the grab acceleration. Played against some Behemoth’s I didn’t have the time at all to jetpack out of it before getting fissured/roll attacked. Not 100% sure though how far the grab was in those situations.

Noticed anything yourself if upping the ability increases the stagger or acceleration of the pull?

They are aware, expect it to be changed with the next big patch.

Don’t you think the stasis effect is a bit too strong v Behemoth atm ? Especially while rolling, since other monsters can essentially shake it off when they use their traversal?
Behemoth bugged rumors?

Every other Monster is actually quite fine with traversing out of slows. Though I can understand the frustration of getting permaslowed by some teams occasionally.


I Normally go at most 2 in it. It’s weird one of my friends who recently did it to me said he did before the stagger animation started. I think I have video of it.


While I do agree that Kraken does not give a %µ$^§ about being slowed, it forces Goliath to rely on jumps more than he really should and makes him a bit erratic in combat. Not as bad as being harpooned in mid air, but still annoying.


Fuck that bird. Fuck it straight to hell.


They don’t stack in effect, and Crow could probably keep an indefinite Stasis on you anyway within a certain range.

It is mostly redundant aside from Val slowing a fleeing Monster and Crow hitting them after.

Both are countered by breaking line of sight, which is usually not difficult with Evolve’s terrain.

As a side note on a later comment, Carrion Birds are lame.


Doesn’t really mean anything against Wraith with her blinks - perhaps unless she is trying to melee attack a Hunter.

Wraith is easily the hardest Monster to damage when she is evading.

They have a huge disproportionate effect on Behemoth though.

Against Kraken its the only chance of dragging him to earth, but he can still airburst around to dodge.