Worst movie ever


Need I say more?


Catwoman is pretty terrible too.

Wonder what they have in common…dogs rule!!

But I agree, the premise is waaaaaaay over used


All Harry Potter movies


Live action transformers series.


Manos hands of fate…


Most live action movies based off an anime.


from what I hear, the MST3K crew HATED this movie, and almost threw it out because writing jokes for it and having to watch it was torture. Haven’t seen it in ages.


The Room
-mic drop-


You might want to pick that back up. have you seen The Room? It’s a delight. It’s hilarious. It’s incompetent and serious. I’d rather watch that with a group of friends than something mediocre. It’s bad good.


Most of the kids movies these days suck tbh there are the good one don’t get me wrong but there are a bunch of bad ones


Dragon Wars. -_-

Foolishly thought it was going to be cool.


From a movie stand point it’s one of the worst pieces of crap ever.
From a viewer stand point it can be very entertaining from giw bad it is.


Suicide squad


Hope your joking.
It’s bad, but not that bad


Yeah I am, damn you saw right through me :sweat_smile:


I disagree. I don’t see them as movies made to win awards (except when it comes to 3D effects. There needs to be an award category for 3D effects). I see them as movies made for fun. The target audience for Transformers is 8 year old boys (movies are the exception), and these movies seem like something right out of a young kid’s mind.


For me, it’s like the Resident Evil movies, I enjoy them, but I know they are bad.

Edit: Except the last one (RE), that was bad++++


I lost hope after 2. The first one wasn’t even that close to the games in any way, but the second one had Raccoon City and Jill and Nemesis and some other secondary characters that made it kinda worth it. But ugh… Such a missed opportunity. They just slapped the name on anything that had zombies in it. And who the fuck is Alice to begin with.

The animated movies are decent, though. They still stray kinda far from the main plots, but whatever.


Yeah… and now that director is looking to make Monster Hunter movies. That still makes me sad.