Worst matchmaking award in 2015

Can you name a game that has worse matchmaking than Evolve? Going back to the 90’s appreciated.

This is kinda pointless. They know about the issue and they’re working on it and unless you have a great solution that you can carry about, don’t be quick to complain.




Well, they are working on it for 5 months, now. So, of course it’s pointless…

I might have at least 5 solutions, how this could work. It’s always the same with you guys,
and I ain’t even talking to you ‘regulars’ , I am speaking to regulars.


Yeah, since release date we all know it sucks, they know it sucks, and it was complained about a million times. Kind of meaningless to complain about it any more at this point.

They’ll hopefully improve it to some extent as soon as they’re able to. There was many good suggestions about it already, and devs might have their own ideas about it as well, so let’s just cross our fingers and wait. Although I agree that 6 months of waiting felt quite long already, but I’m sure there are reasons for it.

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Well I don’t know about programming a matchmaking system but I’m sure it’s not easy. Adding in the whole preference system probably threw a wrench into the works. Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t work, and yes, it can be frustrating, but it doesn’t ‘kill’ the game for me. There’s still no other game like it, and when it works as intended it’s a beautiful thing.


Am I the only one who likes the matchmaking, I think it’s fine the way it is, it works for me, I like the surprise, let’s me work on the other characters besides the one I’m focusin on

Yes, totally true. e.g. If things would be more cool, I would have definitely bought season pass two.

Right now, I’m curious about support number 5. And that’s it.
If the medic is the real deal , I might consider that one, as well.

I will not buy Evolve 2. That’s for sure.

Not even if matchmaking is “fixed” to your liking?

You have the right to be angry, I’m on Xbox one and I’m also sad to see how the matchmaking is right now, but TRS already made a thread telling us they are working on it and thus, we have to wait.

Then why don’t you make a friendly thread giving your solutions to help TRS fix the matchmaking? :smile:

And by this you mean? :confused:

I believe the general consensus on this is “constructive criticism or GTFO.” I’m not going to say “GTFO” because that would be unprofessional, but this is hardly constructive, so no thank you.

If you want to vent, we have a thread for that.