Worst Matches Here


Figured by now we’ve experienced games so bad, they turn out amusing, so I figured why not post some on the forum?

This is what happened to me one game:

It’s rescue game mode and I join in as markov (trying to finish lightning gun mastery), we manage to dome a lvl one kraken and we absolutley shred his health. I’m thinking this game’s gonna end quick, but dome breaks and he bails. We split up to get survivors and he’s at stage two no worries, dude had no chance, this is where the hell begins.

We all split up and start picking up survivors. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden these two rhinoish like animals attack the two that I bring up (who were idiotic enough to CHARGE the animals rather than follow me the other way) and they down my survivors. I can only watch with my puny lightning gun (these things don’t even react to it) as the two rhino things proceed to wail on the poor survivors. As I watch them die, I see a ping pop up and two more get killed on my fellow hunters side (combination of the kraken and some more hostile animals).

We manage to warp one and as I lag behind to escort a survivor (we can’t afford even one to die at this point), out comes ol kraken boy here. I’m thinking it’s going to be us or him. As I head on to the direction of the now engaged hunters I hear the survivor I’m escorting scream and spin around to see the worst thing possible. A bloody f*cking rock animal is chewing up the poor woman and I light the thing up and it free her. Ok, that’s done I think to myself, when I hear the wur of the trap going off and I’'m confident this game’s in the bag.

…Until that rock f*ck bites her AGAIN…

…And the dome comes down INCHES in front of me…

At this point me and another are hollering into our mics yelling "Take down the trap dammit!". But our trapper ignores and I watch this woman get shaken like a radgoll inside that thing’s mouth, down to the eventual MONSTER KILLED ALL SURVIVORS screen. I’m pretty sure the monster was thinking “Uhh…Wtf just happened?”,because he probably downed what, one survivor at most?

Up til then, I thought Shear wildlife was nothing more than food for monsters, and walking bullets sponges for easy hunter kills. Never woulda thought I’d lose to wildlife rather than a monster in a game…


Hahaha… this sounds both epic and rage inducing :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly, as a very hard core Trapper, I expect almost all stories related here will be about my most-beloved class because there’s nothing quite as awful as a crap Trapper. A sniper medic who won’t heal is always bad but after you weed out the FPS idiots in the low levels this tends to go away, I’ve had idiot Trappers up through the low 30s. :scream:


Nothing worse than being domed in. I had one trapper dome us when a plant capped one of our hunters before he entered into the dome. Talk about bad timing…