Worst maps for monster?


What are some of the worst maps for monster in your opinion? Seems like Dam is always a tough one I dunno maybe just me.


I’m not sure of the map name but I think it might be medlab (I know it gives the hunters healing stations when they win in evac) is a pretty difficult map for the monster because it is so skinny and small.


mate…no map is “worst” for a monster.


Dam feels VERY small, yeah. I think the absolute worst would be Barracks though. Super small. Hilariously good chokepoint smack dab in the middle of the map.


Hrm not so sure about that, some are better than others imo. Especially if you take into account a power relay fight.


Barracks, armory and rendering plant.

  1. The trapper can basically stay in the middle and cut the map in half.
  2. The wildlife bug makes it sometimes hard to even fully armor up before first contact.


a map is a map. i don’t consider any map to be “worse” for monster because if i get into that thinking, i know i wont be enjoy playing that map anymore because every time i see that “worse” map i prob just want to skip the shit out of it or be negative.

Each have their advantage for both hunter and Monstars. just got to pick the place and the time and adapt.


Wildlife bug? What’s that?


Wildlife doesnt spawn correctly anymore for a long time. The only stuff that will be there at the beginning are albino wildlife. Depending on luck it can take 20-45s before you see any other wildlife


Yup, this.

Basically any acid map that is not Orbital Drill.


Some maps are decent, like ones with ceilings above the relay.


Personally not a fan of Medlab, but I agree Barracks and Rendering Plant are the absolute worst for monster. They used to be fine until the wildlife started spawning late.


Barracks is not great as a Monster. I struggle on some other maps too but mainly because I don’t know the best routes to take.


Armory is super annoying with its long lin of sights and easy positioning for the trapper to cut the map in half.

Pre patch med lab was a nightmare as Goliath. A Markov could literally run circles around the top of the relay throwing mines like candy. The sides of the top are hard for Goliath to get around and the new mines would activate quickly.

It made that map a Kraken only map for me.


Weather control, the mine, and wraith trap.


The Armory isn’t terrible but there’s that choke point in the middle that Griffin can really take advantage of.


I find rendering plant by far the worst, its basically just a square with only 3 corners worth going too, and it seems to be the easiest map to be cut off by a trapper having played both monster and hunter on it, as monster you are constantly running and as hunter you are on the monster the whole time, I see even see really good monsters struggle with it against a decent team


Foundry with the delayed wildlife spawn bug


Rendering Plant. Though I haven’t tried the new maps yet so my opinion may change.


I think some maps are worse for monsters in general but then there are some maps that are only bad for wraith to the point I will not play her on those maps. Refueling tower is a good example. As goliath or kraken I do fine there but as wraith I just die. I think the maps that are in general bad are barracks, armory, dam, medlab, and rendering plant.

If you can get a good start on armory it can be an ok map but since there are basically 2 areas for the hunters to check you need some luck to get that good start. Barracks is ok for behemoth and goliath because of it’s caves but for kraken and wraith it kinda sucks. Rendering plant seems to be bad for everyone. Medlab is horrible for wraith, I don’t know about behemoth, and goliath seems to have some issues. Dam can go really well (a stage 2 fight in the caves) for behemoth and sometimes goliath but for wraith and maybe kraken the size and shape of the map makes it tricky. At least there are a lot of places to hide and juke the hunters which is nice but then the location and shape of the power relay is really bad for wraith.