Worst luck in your life


What is one of the days you have had the worst luck ever, and what happend? i will start.

ok so i got up and made myself coffee, and wanted to play some evolve before i went to my dumb office job.
so i started the coffee and went to pour some water and there was the biggest explostion under the sink.
i looked and a pipe did not just “burst” it BLEW UP there was plastic lodged into everything and shit
so i clean that up and went to call a plumber. then i heard a doorbell i open it, to find a team of 5 police officers.
they arrested me and i had to tell them it was not a bomb but my sink. It takes YEARS to get out of that crap when you get in, and i was late 2 days in a row. my pay was held back and no my sink was never fixed. dont even know how a sink could have made that explostion though XD.

i am exited to see what you guys come up with :smiley:


I was changing my daughter’s diapers one day while I was eating Frosted Flakes and was in a rush to go to school.

I noticed it… was the same color as my cereal. I ran to the bathroom to vomit, then took a few bites of my cereal and went back to changing her diapers.

After I was done, I vomited in my frosted flakes. I then caught pink eye later that day. Good times. xp


sounds fun XD


you got eign one oned for a bomb XD


hmm, the worst day in my life was when I had to move away from my friends in Germany. It was so bad first I didn’t get to spend much time with my bff as they had school. So when they got home I only had about 5 mins. Then on the airplane I watched movies but none of them were good, then I listened to songs but only the sad ones as I didn’t find any other songs that I recognized. Then I threw up and couldn’t fall asleep.

it was no joke the worst day of my life


I have never had pink eye but my little sister did and it seems bad.

#lifelessonswithmax never eat while changing a diper


I got oil in my eye for the first time I cooked.

Don’t ask how it happened XD


i was in pe one day and i was running i fell wrong then a guy bigger then me fell on my leg. i had to walk slowly to art class because painbecause i could barley walk then i had to go to the hospital i felt like i was dying it was like a stingy pain in my leg then after all that 3 hours they gave me cruthes which then fell and knocked over my water all over the floor and me. my leg wasnt broken but it hurt so much


If you don’t want your #s to be small like that, put a space before it. Like so:


how did it happen were you makin pizza pasta





To Frying an egg and I accidentally put the oil on and turned it on full heat which made it splat into my face. Eye drops save lifes, people!


they don’t save lives they save eyes!


how good was that egg?


I must of tasted like tears!


Very salty.


If I would have put too much salt on it though…


how much salt did you use geez


#lifelessonswithmax salt makes the taste of tears go away


So much salt that a leach would die.

Lol too much than I use now.