Worst food accidents


So we were in the worst luck in your life thread and we started to talk about unfortunate moments when we deal with food. Instead of spamming that topic, I have decided to make this once where we can all share our unlucky food experiences.

Have at it people!

Me first:
Oil splated in my eye when I was trying to fry an egg and accidentally put the heat on max temperature.

Have at it @Katt

Worst luck in your life

I microwaved the following;

Popcorn for 20 minutes.
Pop tarts for 20 minutes.

I boiled water and forgot about it for 4+ hours.
I left a pizza in the oven for an hour.
My toaster caught on fire.
My scrambled eggs caught on fire.
I cooked a pizza with the cardboard still underneath it. And. Ate. It.


While I was in a restaurant, I threw a mint to my mouth and it went directly to my throat, I started making weird noises, trying to get it out and bang! It went out and it fell on my hand.

The funny thing is that nobody noticed and I was in the middle of the restaurant, so I decided to just walk away and pretend it never happened.


I ate a raw egg cause I thought it was custard.

I was only 10 ;_;


how can you choke you don’t have a mouth


I hope you didn’t get a disease can’t remember what is was called


He might have chewed on the robot cleaner 2000, that brand new engine washer for robots.


It was only like a little spoon. And nah I was fine.

Just lost my appetite for the week XD


but a robot does not feel choking it doesn’t have a throat


thats good!


It got stuck on the neck opening.


robots can apparently choke


ate an oyster


Fresh out the sea?



yes, they told me it’s tasty and delicate food.


Haha it is a delicacy in some countries, where were you? XD


I dropped a knife in a toaster once
That’s all I got


Lets see… I’ve choked on crumbs from a pie, small minced meat pieces, spaghetti…
I also once tripped on a rug and spilled almost an entire hot cup-a-soup all down my chest and stomach, I just stood there in shock from the heat >_>


My mother once made a big bottle of lemonade (or so I thought), so I poured a big glass. Turned out it was still only syrup, but my mother only told me after I struggled to finish my glass.

Trust me, pure syrup is horrible.

Oh, and I’ve had food poisoning a couple of times. Fun times /kappa


made myself some brownie mix last month and ate all of it. I was so sick the next day, but worth.