Worst aspect of the game:


The worst thing in the game is being forced to work as a team. Nine out of ten teammates are useless.


As you get higher in level you should have to deal with less and less lower skill players, also if you’re a monster you can take advantage of this


You need to start friending people that you thought did ok, especially if they used a mic.


Level 15 people still suck.


Depends what they spent the majority of time playing. It’s no secret that playing as the monster levels you faster.


Dude, they fail at things you should master after 5 minutes. Like : “It’s only me left, why not engage the monster?!” That kind of logic


Yea…if you’re last man standing, running away usually won’t net any results if the monster actually wants to kill you. And most the time as monster, I let players run away because it’s more fun that way to me. I’m classically evil like that, I play with my food.

If you want to actually escape a monster you need to run the moment the healer is down and he’s about to drop the 2nd person, the 2 not being focused just pick polar directions and go.


The worst part for me is that they should have implemented like a roar for the monsters and by using it tells the hunters where you are like if your stage three or your trying to set up a trap instead of looking for them you can just use your roar (of course there should be a cooldown for it so people don’t spam)


…you mean all the noise you make from evolving, stomping around, sniffing, throwing rocks, and shooting your flamethrower straight up isn’t good enough? How about all the birds around waiting to be spooked?


The roar idea is mainly for setting traps like if your wraith and yes you could use birds but there not as effective in my personal opinion


The hunter side of the game is supposed to be done with a team. You’re complaining about teamwork in a multiplayer game.

If you find randoms to be too bad, maybe you should put some effort into finding a group of people who you like playing with. If you don’t want to work together at all, maybe multiplayer games aren’t your type of game.


Usually id agree… Until my mate ran from an angry goliath for 1:20 using the harpoon traps and double boost at the right moments. We managed to all spawn back in and won, after the match, the guy playing the monster was infuriated, it was his first loss, and he couldnt believe maggie outran him.


Multiplayer is my type of game. I like to rek people or play with my friends. Playing with people with functioning brains can be ok too.


I feel that this game is not worth 60 bucks there’s just not a lot of the same thing every match nothing really drastically changes but then again games like call of.duty do the same


Happened to me once, tough I just said fuck it and let her run :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, that’s the good thing being a support main, I can cloak for days.


Wrong discussion? But I agree


(it wasn’t a good goliath then). The most time I’ve ever bought against a good goliath is maybe 30 seconds using a well placed arena to block him as he jumped to the relay(leaving the relay just outside the dome so he couldn’t interact with it) and then utilizing the 5 harpoon traps I laid down prior to him coming after me and 3 during the chase. And believe me, I’m really damned good with my jetpack.


Another problem is the jet packs don’t have enough fuel so it goes like use it for like 5 seconds then your basically walking.waiting for it to.recharge I know why it can’t be unlimited but they should do something to fix that


I dunno, I thought that was part of what the birds were for.

One of my favourite things to do if I know the hunters are close on my tail? Rile up a flock of birds next to a tyrant or a megamouth, then hightail it out of there and smile at the sound of screams and shooting in the distance.

… bliss.


Probably.the worst aspect of.the game.is.the.fact that the monster controls the game in a sense that if the hunters dont hit that mobile arena its basically.just running after a monster your.not gonna catch that’s gets repetitive and old really fast and I believe it might cause people to even not buy the game