World's first gold monster on PS4

Ya I’ve won’t stage 1 and stage 3 with diff point sea h time. It’s based on skill of opponents mostly

So the points don’t change based on in-game factors like staging up or more incaps?

How’s the matchmaking at the top?

Correct. :slight_smile:

Where do you see how many points you get? I must have missed that in the 10 games I played yesterday *sigh*

I really need to play against some good people, now that Behemoth is good I’m crushing any and all hunter teams that challenge me. I’m also only getting 20-50 points each match I win… don’t know if that’s good or not.

That’s good to hear - thanks.

@ShinigamiB, the points are awarded at the end of the game.

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Wait 10 minutes, kill a team at stage 1, be awarded 1 point, repeat.
For the past 2 hours.

all the good teams are at work XD

I’m studying during the searches. Yay multitasking!

I played hearthstone between each match. not too bad. until i fought shear luck. twas a close match! but i had to test stage 1 multiple times to see if its viable vs real teams.

Haha I’m watch tv shows inbetween too :slight_smile: multitasking ftw

I have only got one placement match in as monster. NOBODY TO BE FOUND ON PS4

im not gonna catch anyone at this rate lol…1 point per win every 30 minutes. ill be 90 years old before i hit gold hahaha

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The wait is real.

idk if its the wait or the compitition that follows. iv yet to see a gold hunter lol. I need to slay gold to get gold. thats why im wondering how formation jumped up so fast. I fight nothing but determining ranks or bronze.

There were 2 gold monsters on xbox the day this was released… just saying

Same here for the most part I run into the occasional silver and ran into Suavio who was gold last night.

I guess we gotta run into esl teams practicing then. otherwise the ranks wont go anywhere.

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My party has our sights set on taking down Psychotik. Then we’ll be coming for you @FormationHD !

…don’t wait up :stuck_out_tongue:

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