World's first gold monster on PS4

It doesn’t mean much but hey first is always better than second :slight_smile:


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how do u get into games :frowning: match mmakings to long !!


I made a post a bout being stuck in matchmaking for 20 minutes
and since that post I’m still in matchmaking.
I feel like this patch broke evolve.
EDIT: just got into my first match
EDIT2: got thrown in as the wrong role. I quit this is too much bullshit

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Haha :slight_smile: the more competition the better :slight_smile: and ya match making is taking insanely long.

yea sucks lol, well i just got into the game so if anyone is down to playing with me even tho ill prob will not be the greatest atm will be nicely aprreaciated.

bloodlust intensifies

Did you win all 10? I was on my 5th, but then my Internet went out for a min -______-

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I wanted to be first gold :cry:, but in about 3 hours worth of trying to find a match ive only been able to find 3, as this match making is absolute shit.

I won all my Monster games but I only got in Silver. How!?

Yeah, I’m now like 15-0 or something and I’m still only Silver Master. I once won a game in under 3 minutes and was awarded 1 point.

Don’t tell Wednesday, as Luck is for losers.

All but 2 of my matches have been stage one wins in under 3 mins, im 13-0, yet i only get 1 point… I dont get it

Well I won all placement matches and was placed in silver. The turning point was when I beat gold teams.

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im 9-0. so i need to face gold teams? I fought ithrowlightnings team lol. it was super close too.

have you esl monsters faced esl teams yet haha

I call this haxed…, it takes foreverrrr to find a game.

I faced Nicky’s community team. They run a mean Jack.

jack is quite a nuisance. but if you burn the CD…and then time the next time he can use it and get your target on his backside…well your free to do what you want lol

I’ve been wondering if you get points based on things like staging up, relay kills, more incaps, and someone guessed buff hunting. I really hope it’s NOT the case, because then I’ll be prolonging games just to maximize points, and that’s not fun for anyone.

You get points based on the skill of your opponent. If you are getting only 1 point, it means they were much lower ranked than you. Give the game some time for people to rank out and fill in the different brackets.