World of Warriors


Been awhile since I played it, so I’m just curious as to how many warriors you all got if you have played this app. It’s fun but man talk about rng…


Is the RNG as bad as Destiny?


Think of it like this, there’s a two “warrior” doors. One of higher rarity than the other. They both also require different currencies to open. 10 wild stones for the rare one, and 10 honor stones for the more common one. The rare ones are MUCH harder to come across ad if you wanted to buy them, their 5 dollars for for ten. They sadly have the nasty habit of giving you dupes though…


Like Destiny’s Purple engrams that turned into greens? :stuck_out_tongue:


I heard they used to do something like that, luckily I never experienced that because I was one of the Christmas fellas (bought it September never truly played it till a ton of people got on during the holidays) I played that game to oblivion, now it just sits in the game library looking nice and pretty for me.


Yeah, they changed it. :confused: