World of Tanks Tips


I am brand new to the game, finding it quite difficult, dying so quickly, tips?

I really like SPGs


Platform? Just curious. I’m on xbox one and it definitely takes some practice it seems. And they don’t really show you how to do everything in game.


Don’t spend so much time on it as I did.

36k battles and counting.


Oh man oh man.

I think I’m going to have to give my iPad to my dad to give you tips. He plays the game all the time!!


What do you want to know exactly? Have spend way too much time on it myself, so I can tell you a lot. Tactics? Ammo choice? Tanks to grind?


I play world of warships. Hadnt done World of Tanks


don’t start on it. Play Armoured warfare, if your PC can handle it. It is a bit more bare boned than WoT, but since it’s newer, does a lot of things right that WoT does wrong


I am on MAC… I didn’t know they had it for console, free?



I find that I die sooo quickly… I get 2 shotted all the time…

How do you get a machine gun was it?


the tutorial really taught me nothing!


Yup still free lol. Its on Xbox 360 as well as Xbox one


I just got the game for Xbox


still free? you mean you have to pay for it later


Lol I mean its free to play on xbox. I don’t know about other platforms.


Edited to make more sense



Well its free on mac/pc

must be for ps4


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I’ll write up a post later, am on mobile right now


In early tiers if they see you and hit you, you will die fast, since most tanks don’t have any armor, so solution is to not get exposed, not charge in alone, wait for occasions or make yourself occasions to push but take into consideration that once 1 enemy sees you, they all do( on the minimap) and if they have line of sight on you, you will insta die.

Armor if used properly will help you deflect projectiles, without taking any damage. You have to see your tank’s description, but usually tanks are well armored in front, have some armor on the sides, but usually nothing behind.
Having armor is not enough tho, knowing how to use it matters. If a projectile hits you at a 90 degree angle, it will have maximum penetration force, the one stated in the description. But if it hits you at an angle, that penetration force keeps dropping, making the projectile bounce on your armor.

Short tip: try to take shots in your frontal armor and don’t expose sides/behind; try to angle your tank’s position when taking shots so that the shots hit with an angle, and not directly. This applies when shooting at someone also, try to hit sides/behind at a perpendicular angle, direct hits.

By the way, most tanks have weaker armor even in forward armor, the under side, the one near the ground. So shoot there, and when driving your tanks try to keep your underside covered by a rock, debris, a hill, whatever.

You like SPG…for that i can’t give much advice, it’s kind of self explanatory; you need line of sight to shoot targets, you need to anticipate your shots if the target is moving…what’s good to know is that better players will try counter arty, that means they will try to shoot you by following your projectile’s tracer. That means it’s best to usually move a few meters, while reloading, to avoid getting counter artillery fire.

These are the basics; the rest is just to read up on how vision works in the game, how can you stay hidden, get an ideea about tanks sizes/armor/weak spots in armor etc, good places to be on a map etc. But this you will gain just by playing.