Working on New Monster omg! (NOT CLICK BAIT)


this is awesome!


Be still my heart… :monster:


Not to be the killjoy.

Could they be talking about an Adaptation?


i was thinking that too but iwe imagine that he’d mentioned adaptations of it were the case.


It’s something!



@GentlemanSquirl you said it! It’s right there! Could you clarify a bit? :wink:


Are we sure he didn’t just mean an adaption?


Guys, that was a private conversation between me and those 6,000 twitch viewers.


Some people have no respect. No respect at all.


One question. Does it burrow?


Speaking of twitch, stream when?

I realise you’re pretty busy what with a beta launch tho.


Does it shape-shift?

######Btw he used a plural. Monsters.


He said “a monsters”. Im not sure what that would count as.


I bet he meant adaptations.

We can think of brand new monsters only if enough of people will stick with game for longer period of time


A monsters.
A monster made of smaller monsters.


Given Evolve’s sudden explosion of player base and popularity, we could be looking at several new tiers of Hunters, Monsters, and adaptations for each. As long as the game is frequently updated, it will stay alive.


I. Wish. I so wish this to happen.


I’d imagine with them having already teased Tier 3 Hunter adaptions we’ll get the new Wraith soon.
But after that I can absolutely see a Tier 6 becoming a thing.

I was initially hesitant, but Free 2 Play seems to be the way to go, and definitely supports us getting new tiers.



I hope they bring back that Worm Monster concept now that would be a really unique Monster to see in action.

That or a actual Lava Monster hehe.