Working for Turtle Rock Studio



I am a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia and I heard there are often times game developers who browse the forums here.

I was just looking for some advice in applying to work for your company. I am trying to fit into your hiring categories but it is always difficult without having worked already at a game company. I am working nights and weekends on creating my own custom content relating to Evolve that I believe your hiring staff would appreciate.

I saw on your career information page and watching your Turtle Rock videos that you mainly use 3DS Max, ZBrush and CRYENGINE. Is there anything else I could be teaching myself that would open up the possibility for a hire at Turtle Rock?

I am unbelievably motivated to work for you and will do whatever I can to be a great fit for your company. If any developer comes across this and has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Evolve is truly a masterpiece and I hope to be able to help work on your future titles soon.

Thank you very much for your time.


@MacMan @SlabOMeat Help this person get in!


You can e-mail them directly. I feel that would be more efficient. Good luck :smile: