Workaround - How to Keep w/ Your Party


Straight from @MacMan !

"On the last post round screen where it shows your character and the “ready” button, if you are the party leader, instead of clicking “ready”, you click “back” (on controller I press the button “B”) and a message pops up saying you will pull your party out of the game. Click o.k. and you and your party return to a lobby where you can click on Hunt mode again.

This worked for me every time, so instead of having to re-invite people to my party after every match, I just back out of the post round screen and click on Hunt and the party stays together."

Woo hoo!

Test it out kids and let me know how it goes! :smiley:

Lobby is full
Kicking players from party when joining a game
Biggest issue with this game
Cannot party with a friend
Lobby system still totally broken
Teamsplit when looking for a game
Teamsplit when looking for a game

Meaning it’s live as of now?


This is a work-around to our intentional split-up of the group at the end of a match. We’re looking into adding something like a “Rematch” button or what-have-you; we’re discussing solutions.


I vote for a keep a good thing going strategy.
If the team of Hunters win, keep them together.
If they lose, have a button to click who wants to stay and move that group along.

Or if that’s too complicated, a simple win: stick together, lose: disband will do.
Will help to encourage new players and help them make friends.

“Hey man, great couple of matches, add me, play later.”


Should work right now!


Just a suggestion, could you add 2 more options? At the end of a match let the Hunters pick from

  • Continue
    Leave Lobby and continue MM alone

  • Squad up
    Allow all who pick this option to continue MM together

  • Rematch
    If all players (including Monster) choose this option a rematch occurs


I was finding that after inviting a friend to my game, we would play one round, and then we would get split up, despite being in a party. This workaround keeps your party together round after round. We are working on a real fix in the meantime.