Work Rants


So I’m at work right, and this lady walks up with her two little brat children up in her shopping cart trying to ask me why a charger is priced so high and one of the little spawns of Satan slaps me in the face with a tube of bubbles -.-

OK rant over, post your work rants here if you’d like



Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. What the hell is wrong with parents these days? Seems most just shove an iPad or iPhone in their kid’s face until they shut up. Sad. I was lucky enough to never have something like that happen to me. But I love the way you describe it,




My opinion of people’s children is not very high until it proves it has manners ^.^
Gosh when I was a kid we had linkin logs and played outside… And if we acted out we got the belt!
Now I have parents buying iPads for their kids like what?? I didn’t even have a cell phone till I was 16… I never needed one



I’m at my part time job teaching self defence, and a man walks in with two kids and asks to sign them up. He sees me and asks “Should you really be learning martial arts?” To which I reply “I teach martial arts here, sir.” He stares at me for ten seconds then turns and leaves, yelling “Girls should never be allowed to teach martial arts. This is a man’s job.”

I think I’m saltier about the loss of money than anything, but still annoying. -_- Would loved to give him a demonstration of my qualifications, as it were.



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You spent ten minutes searching for that image? ^.^



Well there was a really cool one I wanted where this girl jumped on up on a guys arm as he threw a punch wrapped her legs around his neck and body threw him but I can’t find it :’(



Also, why did she start punching him? Clear opportunities for breaks there. Not to mention exposed weak points. A quick arm snap and a few precision strikes would have worked better.



No clue but I chose it cause it proved the point fighting isn’t just for men



Remember not everyone is trained in a martial art ^.^



I didn’t train very much. I trained informally under a 33rd generation Shifu.

So I know some stuff, but I’m not great. :slight_smile:



Lol I’m black belt Taekwondo
Do not underestimate my roundhouse kick :slight_smile:

Doesn’t necessarily mean I’m great either tho :stuck_out_tongue:



Gotta love kids right? I worked at Goodwill for a year and they had terrible pay, and bad bosses, but the worst part were the kids. Im talking everyday kids would be playing in the middle of the floor, riding scooters all around the store, the toys would be everywhere by the end of the day so it took forever to clean up and leave,and they would even be climbing the toy shelves to reach something they wanted. And where was their mother half the time you’re probably thinking? Oh, that’s right, now I remember they were always at the other end of the store facing the opposite direction talking on their cell phone -_-



Kick = Suicide in a street fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you offer self-defense courses? I think I could take some tips from your obvious experience and expertise in the art of street fights. :smiley:



We do, as a matter of fact. But I’m not even in your country, nor am I inclined to divulge such sensitive information over a public forum. ^.^



No no, not Australia, YOU in particular. Like could you teach me how to “break the wrist, walk away” like in Napoleon Dynamite? It just seems like you’ve been in a number of street fights and just through experience have figured out what works and what doesn’t.

This is basically a documentary of my life. Socially awkard nerd, 6’2, 130 lbs (yikes) half-beaner half-white and feel intimidated by pretty much everyone. And before you ask, yes, people like Rex really do exist in the good ol’ US of A.

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I’ve been in a scuff or two, yes. Most of my knowledge comes from my Shifu, who seems to have a penchant for getting into street fights. :slight_smile: But I have the practical applications as such, yes. If you would like to learn, there are lots of people who’ll teach you.

And yes, people like Rex exist everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would have loved for my mother to give me an iPad, or iPhone to shut up…

Would have been nice. ^.-

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I got my first phone when I was twelve or so? So my parents could keep tabs on me at school.

In the time it took me to get my second phone, my little brother went through four.