Work In Progress: New YT Channel


Hey guys! I’ve been floating this idea around to a select few people in the Evolve space about what another Evolve YouTube channel might look like. First thing’s first, this new channel is going to be a collective effort with a few members of the community. As I said, I’ve only approached a few people with this idea so far, it’s just been a question of what to put out there. To avoid turning this into a rambling mess, I’ll make a list of the ideas so far.

  • Content Ideas So Far

    • Machinima’s are something that have been kinda difficult to pull off in Evolve but with some help in the editing department, I think there’s some potential there for some content. This has been something I’ve really wanted to do since the game came out, honestly. There was also a bit in the official Evolve livestream that definitely sparked some ideas of how to pull it off.

    • Tips & Tutorials Some of this is already being done on some channels like Grizzle Marine and others, which is something that can’t be wholly avoided in some respects. Using copy-cat tactics isn’t something I’ve ever entertained the thought of and I just want to make that clear. I respect Grizzle and what he’s doing with his channel, which is why I’m doing everything I can to make this channel really stand out from the others.

    • Top Ten’s A more generic idea that is relatively easy to accomplish and something that I haven’t seen a whole lot of in the Evolve community on YouTube that could lead to some fun challenges and community submissions.

  • Community Spolight Another idea that is being fed from what TRS does on their official livestream, but not everyone see’s those and is yet something else I just don’t see a whole lot of on YouTube Evolve content.

  • E-Sport Related Content This will be a little trickier and is likely something that won’t be looked into until some time has passed and hopefully by then the channel will be getting some exposure so we can do even more things like this.

Everything I’ve listed above are just ideas and they are not indicative of the exact kind of content on the channel. The whole point in putting up the post is to get a feel for what people might think of it and get some feedback. I have some background in running a couple of other YouTube channels similar to this but we never got off the ground with our ideas because of the limited resources and time constraints. I have a more capable schedule now and almost the right equipment needed to put out the content effectively.

If you’ve given this a fair read, thank you and I hope you’re excited for what’s coming. If you’re interested in getting involved, feel free to comment or DM me here on the forums.