WOOP #1 kraken-PS4


well guys it took awhile lol. now i know its not saying much compared to a ranked system. but hey i like gratification. I am the number 1 kraken on the ps4 ! the #1 guy is a filler that is fake. he hasnt played all weekend. however the one below me is real and wev been racing lol. I am AkumasRage11

Almost have the elite skin which is my goal. also…its a BICH to play the monster cuz ppl leave after they play monster and then it resets. iv playede 5=1 ratio for monster vs playing hunters. on that note i do almost have griffins elite skin ^.^

games still too fun.


easy to pull the ethenet cable and get perfect record, had a player do to our team as well.
You currently dont get a defeat if you disconnect out of the game.


yeah we realized this last time. u see that 1 loss? and 1000 hunter losses? I dnt quit shyt lol


It highlights your name. when you open the LB. good try tho 2/10


i scrolled down to take a pic with my phone? lol go to the ps4 group search and find my posts of my name 4 weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:

haters gonna hate.


I wonder if we/you can make it past that fake account by Monday


How’d you die 4 times? I went 25-0 scrub.


im the one below him. that top one is a fake account hasnt changed all weekend. like a stand in that the devs throw in there.


Oh so us PC overlords did better than all of PS4 :smiley:


sure? its hard to compare in this game. id beat any team on pc but ud beat any team on ps4. so were both too good? i was dickin around in my loss lol. got cocky and did level 3 banshee mines for a stage 1 win.


A streamer had 87 wins with the Kraken on the PC leaderboards >_>. Trust me though some teams are simply unable to be beaten if they play correctly.


i dont see how thats possible. iv played for 2 days straight and with the selection system how it is and everyone wanting to be the monster. how do you play 87 monster matches? see i did this with a no quit honor system. we played every match hunter or monster. still #1.


It’s what the guy does for a living. He plays games all day.


I’ve played with the #1 Goliath on PC and he has over 100 wins, and no deaths. The following match he didn’t get monster so he left. Guess that was all he played. Still, hard to believe he didn’t lose any. Probably DCed from games he was sure to lose. Also, I remember getting destroyed by you… That ONE day I played on PS4 :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, congrats (even if it’s just beta)!


I can’t access the leaderboards atm. Anyone else?


I work for the state mon-friday so thats the only reason I got to game hard for this beta. once evolve comes out if there is no real ranking system i will be left in the dust. I planned this full gaming weekend for awhile now but normally I dont get that luxury with kids and stuff lol. in fact i brought my brother to my house to help me. so we both got all those kraken wins lol. but yeah i had tons of fun and some stupid close matches.

@Kaage458 Sorry man they all became a blur lol. Iv slain alot of hunters this weekend lol. Thanks tho.