WOO - my turn for review time


back are the days of 150+ posts lol. most of which are the same. but idk where to put my little review so ill just add fuel to the flame.

new ranked mode
WELL. its actually great lol. it feels like a ranked mode should be. queue up to opponents…longer wait times…yada yada. i see all these complain threads but its really nothing different from other ranked games. so i will get to my point i want to touch on.

leaving ranked as the only “hunt” mode was a bad idea

I understand the community is small and we dont want to split it more. but this is 100% opinion. I do not queue for pubs to do serious matches all the time. sometimes i want to test builds vs real ppl. or try stage 1 engagements that usually dont end well. relax and enjoy right?

the new system will not allow that. now, i am undefeated as monster thats nice. iv already faced 2 esl teams (fun games no lie) but its bcuz i am a tryhard. so what happens when i just want to chill? arena mode? I dont like being stage 2 only. and my favorite part of evolve is juking hunters lol. now if i want to troll. i might lose 150 points and drop down to silver. thats no fun :frowning:

NAILED it. i think this is the right direction evolve needed to go. more armor means longer fights for hunter to make a mistake on. same goes for monsters. stage 1 hard fought strikes are actually worth trying and make for an exciting 20 minutes full of battles instead of flee til 3s.

solid. good. but not great. imo griffin out does him. but its nice that its unbreakable. meaning a monster cant 360 swipe instantly to stop the cc. but its not broken either. im curious however when a really good…hank player gets ahold of jack they are good with sheild depletion management. guess ill have to wait and see. but jack grants freedom to stage up. i dont know how much i like that. im more of a hunt a stage 1 kinda guy.

not sure how the community will react. longer queues = more anger. and without a “casual” hunt mode. we must pray arena will keep them around. ranked mode is awesome. but i predict gold 1 will basically become monster scrims for competitive monsters vs esl teams. true solo q hunters will never get past gold 3 if they are lucky to queue up with random premades of 2-3.

thats all i got for now. happy hunting!

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