Won a alpha key and waiting for email, I guess?


Hey everyone, I won a alpha key while watching a twitch streamer and since then I’m super hyped to find out about this game and to start playing the alpha. I redeemed my alpha key but I never received a confirmation email or anything like that. I am just wondering now that I submitted my key what happens next? I understand that there is a possibility that even with a key you won’t get into alpha, so is that what happened to me?


I think you wait until the big alpha is out, and if you are in they send you the email. Thats how i think it works anyways.


Did you get to a page that said Success! followed by your information?


Yes I did.


You’re all set then. Just hang tight. We don’t expect anything for another couple weeks at the earliest and they’ve said they are working to finish up the current build that the second alpha will be using. You’ll receive another email with a lot more instructions/info when they time comes.

In the meantime if you’re pumped or want to know more, browse old topics on the forums and reply to stuff you want to know more about. There’s a footage thread with a bunch of videos you can watch and the “dev tracker” option from the main forum page lets you see everything the Turtle Rock guys have been doing on here.


Oh,okay great. Thanks for the info and super quick response.


Lucky Congrats though


Yea, the next email you would recieve if you are chosen will be an email much closer to launch of the Alpha


Do you know if we will be sending in specs for PC users, or is that a non-issue at this point?


Which is???


Non issue, we’re not focusing on specs this round.


Ah nuts, I even just finished building my new rig a couple weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue: Good to hear though.


Well that just means you get to play the alpha in Ultra Settings!



killer instinct everyone just pushes all the buttons on the controller hopeing they we will win.