Wolf skin for goliath


I know some animal skins have been made for the monster, like the tiger skins for example. I think a skin that made goliath look like a grey wolf would be awesome.


Then he shall hence be known as
Great Grey wolf Gol

yes, I love dark souls xD


But he’s not a DeviantArt OC


It would look the best skin on him

Grey or white wolf


too bad you have to kill the poor puppy post dlc… :frowning:


I felt really bad after freeing a pup, and then having to kill him. The intro scene after freeing him is so sad :frowning:
And how he starts limping when near death :cry:


yah… that game was the best story ive ever played. it was love lol and the pvp… oh boy that shit was crazy. i would rock a pyro flame in each hand, 10 att slots plus the extras from rings and egghead. i was all about the fire muahhahahaah lol


I want a silver back gorrilla skin for Goliath


Changed the category to suggestions, so that people (including me) don’t think it’s an actual skin out now in the store ^^


idk why they thought of a digital camo before silver back gorilla. that would be badass


Using that expensive Goliath statue for reference, I think you’d end up with a really strange looking werewolf in the end.

Hey now. Digital Camo is like the best thing they ever added to that store.
My only Goliath skin that tops its ridiculousness is the Taurus skin.


nice render dude, but yah one of my buddies really love it but its so… shooter-y and its on a monster of all things so it feels even more off than say clownfish :frowning: imo anyway. if it were assault or something (then again that predator/arctic since they are basically that camo-esk idea)

i guess something for everyone


It would be pretty awesome. That and it’s great camo for night time maps.


Who makes skins at TRS ? So we can tag him


I killed him so fast I didn’t notice the limp on my first play through.

@TheHermaeusMora I don’t like the the camo skin either. Doesn’t fit the theme of the game at all to me.


Its like giving the assault class a my little pony weapon skin. Sure someone will like it but it is bad and they should feel bad lol


I don’t understand the practical use of developing digital camo. And im not just talking about in the game


its basically an urban camo i think. i know there is an actual urban camo but its just a varient