Wobbly spacebar key is driving me nuts, HALP (Resolved <3)


Okay so the other week I took my keys off (REALLY REALLY CAREFULLY MIGHT I ADD), to clean the underneath of my keyboard. Put all the stuff back on, no problems, clean keyboard.
Exceeept my spacebar is wobbly… I dunno if it was like that before, but I only noticed it after cleaning the keyboard >_>

Am I doing something wrong?

My keyboard, Andersson Mission SG GGK 1.0 Keyboard, if the make’s important at all.^

Close-up of the spacebar area^

Spacebar itself

Halp .-.?

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Most likely is that you didn’t get the little support bar into the brackets on both sides; those things are pains in the ass to get back together properly.

Failing that, it will probably be wobbly for the rest of the keyboard’s life because the center post might be loose now and it doesn’t look like it’s getting a lot of support from anywhere else.


Thing is, when I removed the spacebar, the support bar wasn’t even attached to the brackets on the keyboard as far as I’m aware… So I’m not sure how I would reattach it or something… :stuck_out_tongue:


It doesn’t really attach but the little legs that hang down just kinda slide into the slots, just as support.


I’ll… Eh… I’ll try to carefully do that then… .-.


If that doesn’t work, it might be a fault when making the keyboard. It seemed to be something was holding in place and it came out when cleaning it? Just for clarification, is it super wobbly or not really? I have one at home that is wobbly but not like bad wobbly, it came like it




knowledge in mechanical things

pick one

Seriously though, that little support thing should be hanging down, right? I dunno, don’t see brackets properly with my tired, late-evening eyes. Maybe it even locks on those two small things on the front?

Also, I’ve shown this to Salt because we were playing together, he immediately told me to tell you that you need new keys.

And explaining why a grill started a convo with me after 9:30 PM with the words “HELP ME NERD” was fun too.




“Smooth keys or no keys”

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Pretty sure this video has been posted on these forums before, but you should have used dust off’s gaming gear duster.


Resolved it! Lagger helped, had to slide the bar under the little squares next to the springs. Thank you people :smiley: