WLR Glitch


why is my win loss ratio going down even though i am winning a majority of my games… Its getting very frustrating to see this as well as for example i had 17 wins at one point now im down to 15 wins (both times i was looking at the same leaderboard - global).


Also - just looked again, i finished a clean sweep in Evacuation by myself as monster vs randoms… didnt get a single win


Leaderboards seem to update every now and then.
Give it some time.


Leaderboards are still glitching - playing with friends and his Wins are getting deleted he started off with 20 yesterday and went down to 10, and now hes down to 8 (he hasn’t lost a game today)… Same issue happened to me as well but not as bad went down from 17-15…

And now it just happened to me again 54 wins 5.8 wlr — 48 wins 4.8 wlr…
Xbox one


I went from 11 wins right to 0 was top 100 in assault day it came out kinda bummed


Im down to 26 games and a 2.86 wlr…