WL Maggie's harpoons


In a recent match I got shot completely through a wall by a harpoon. Here it is. It’s near the end. http://xboxclips.com/Demon%20Shadow1/f5b4f017-31b3-45b5-bce9-c8cad281f938/embed


yea, even cliffs it happens, its crazy


Yeah many times I’ve felt like Ive gotten hit when I shouldn’t but this is the first video proof I’ve gotten of it.


I believe you can shoot through those holes in the wall as well. It didn’t go through flat solid walls. Or the building behind it. Which is what I was expecting lol.


the weird thing is that if you put it on top of the cliff, the monster gets hit, monster falls down cliff, harpoon somehow stays attached for a couple more seconds applying the effect, then breaks…


Yeah harpoons little defects didn’t bother me much when they were easier to break. But now especially with Maggie’s perfect aim it’s a huge pain.


That section where it came through don’t have holes. It has scaffolding over a whole wall which should of stopped it.


Either way I see this as a terrain bug. Not registering as a solid object. Unless they coded some Cabot into the flame snare. (I can always be wrong tho =P )

@shaners want to take a look at this?


You’re talking about that last harpoon, yes? Not supposed to happen like that, which is why it broke automatically without you hitting it. It clipped through the wall while you were rolling and broke when you stopped, just before you heavied out of it. It also looked like it was lagging behind you when you were rolling. Could be attributed to internet or just be a general hiccup in the script.


Please also report this using the Issue Reporter;

This will ensure it is quickly logged for the bugs team.

Also, I agree with @SQUARENecron on this, in that it seems more like a terrain bug, where the object is not registering as a solid object. Personally, I’m not too sure if this is actually a bug, or by design. You’re able to shoot through meshes, and that scaffolding offers enough holes to allow a harpoon (I would think). Either way, it should be reported using the issue reporter.