WL maggie and og maggie am I the only one who feels og does more dmg


When I play wasteland maggie i always feel like I do less dmg but when playing og mags I can see the dmg I’m doing and I normally do 3-4k more curious cause everyone says wasteland mags does so much dmg


Mad Mags is much more offensive than her original self. One harpoon means less time placing them more time shooting. So theoretically you should be dishing out more damage, right?


Her smg is more powerfull with the original I would say. However it’s much more inaccurate. While wasteland Maggie is much more accurate. This isn’t including daisy and the snares extra damage.


Well with og mags I play pretty much the same I mean I’m not shooting all three traps down usually I shoot one empty a clip then shoot another trap down sometimes I’ll shoot 2 it just depends on placement


True but with me daisy never does much dmg and I fire the smg in bursts like wl mags does


Yeah Daisy’s ai is a bit weird. However if the monster gets close he gets roasted quick.


Man and daisy flame thrower looks so damn impressive but till I only get like 600dmg to like 2000dmg at the most and that 2000 is rare


Yeah. I’ve lost quite a bit due to trying to take her down in some games. It’s more like they strapped a auto turret on her back and left her old tracking ai.


Ugh her tracking now…playing wl mags daisy it’s just retarded like daisy had a stroke or something she just runs in circles half the match…but it’s cool I don’t really use daisy to track anyway just to get a starting point


Yes, Daisy is weaker by far than what my expectations were, and they decreased her health, god she dies so quickly and she can’t even dodge.


I honestly prefer the easy to kill daisy the parties I play in run bucket and cabot alot so it’s kinda like having an emet respawn beacon that can’t be destroyed


For me with OG Maggie I usually spend 80%++ time of putting the traps down. I only shoot when I know all three are placed. 1-2 in the middle for kiting, 1-2 for “save spots” like a tree/rock to lose line of sigh and have strategic traps to hold the monster if it follows.

With WL Maggie, I place the trap somewhere close to middle and start shooting, replace the trap, continue shooting.

OG Maggie I get like 1500-3500 of dmg (low end being Kraken, who really needs to be constantly in the traps), WL Maggie I get from 3000-5500 dmg.

PS. Oh, I have to add that with my friends we rarely use Sunny (bcos her current state) and we go quite often with R.Val as our medic can dodge. Thus, my CC as trapper is needed.


I’d say it depends on your playstyle, the Monster, and perhaps a little bit of luck.

When I play Wasteland Maggie I usually do more damage, but against bigger targets where Maggie’s SMG spread wouldn’t have been a problem and when Daisy dies in 3 seconds anyway, I often wish I had picked original Maggie instead.


For me and og mags I do 4-7k normally I don’t play 3 traps much tho 1 down then empty a clip then another trap down sometimes I’ll place two just depends on where I’m at I kinda feel like I got the roles reversed cause with wl mags getting a trap behind the monster is easy and with the arm time so low it will hit so I’ve got better cc with her and more dmg with og

Also the amount of harpoons that hit are roughly the same with each


Not telling at all how to play this game… just saying; I did have that very same play-style after 150h, now 350h later at 500h-ish I concentrate more on my role.

Ive looked some of the matches we played and I would say having all the traps down all the time if possible saves a strike per match. That very strike, if its on medic/support, might make the difference.

At least have a trap in a place where character in need can go as last resort, and when dome is going down (10s) mark is yelled, be sure to place strategic trap or two for monster´s flee. That might be the difference of getting 1 health bar or 2 off.


Funny cause how you play now is how I used to play lol different stroke for different folks I guess:)


Wasteland Maggie : burst gun + harpoons + Daisy >= original Maggie damage output

Wasteland Maggie burst gun < Maggie burst gun

The burst gun does less dmg for sure for mad Maggie … But it’s more accurate … The only way mad Maggie can outperform Maggie is if she uses Daisy - harpoons as much as possible


Maybe but harpoon dmg is tiny and daisy doesn’t do much either(most of the time for me at least) who would have numbers to show some proof?


@The_Mastermind You have numbers on this, right? :D?


But really I’d like to see numbers cause I still feel like og does more dmg