With the upcoming nerf to Behemoth's roll damage can we get something in return? Other BoB issues


Behemoth is already the least played monster. Very under represented in tournament picks, never banned, etc. I currently play as Zarbane and am top Behemoth for PC on the ladder. Not saying that to brag, just saying that I know Behemoth’s gameplay very well.

Some issues with Behemoth:

-His roll suffers the pinball effect. Small wild life such as reavers, grubs, and other one meat monsters can stop a Behemoth in its tracks. Medium sized wild life can make the Behemoth bounce off them and start rolling backwards. Behemoth is the only monster whose traversal can start sending him backwards. Only option at that point is to stop rolling and start rolling again which takes much precious traversal stamina. Traversing off ledges is also very clunky compared to the other monsters.

-Behemoth takes much more damage compared to the other monsters. All 4 of his abilities root Behemoth in place during their use. His hit box is the biggest of all monsters. He has the hardest time mitigating domes during S1 out of all monsters. Behemoth used to have a significant increase in health and armor to make up for this but that was taken away. He doesn’t feel tanky enough. For a monster as big and slow as he is, he doesn’t have the health and armor to make up for it.

-Rock wall is still bug wall and is unreliable

-I feel tongue grab would be more beneficial to Behemoth players if it did NOT grab bodies. Yes I know that means you can’t grab a hunter body to a better location if it got changed, but fighting in a dome with wild life or dead wild life bodies can really mes up a Behemoth player that uses tongue grab often. I would rather it not grab bodies then its current state.

Using pure Telemetry on WLR as a primary indicator on monster balance doesn’t work IMO. Gorgon right now has the highest WLR and everyone knows Gorgon isn’t viable at high level play.

When Behemoth was released he had a WLR of about 60%. But everyone knew he was only a pub stomper.

Bob appreciation thread 2.0

Hi, how do you know that there is gonna be roll damage reduced in next title update? Source pls


I do not think Bob needs compensation. I had not heard that they are nerfing Bob’s roll damage but that was essential a 5th ability and it was ludicrous to add it at all never mind give it a massive ~150 damage buff.



The only thing he needs right now is roll nerf and a fix to the rock wall bugs, and then maybe they can worry about fixing his traversal other than that I’ve seemingly been getting utterly destroyed by behemoths recently and have no clue as to why, it’s usually because the tongue grab keeps bugging out and grabbing people it shouldn’t but I’m not gonna go into that combo that luck with rock wall and roll spam in a corner and there’s a free down.

Other than the never ending list of bugs with that oversized rolly polly he should be a good monster but I think it’s safe to say both say both sides suffer from his bugs very much so.



Once the roll is fixed, the only thing that’ll bug the hell out of me when playing Bob is how rooted you are using abilities.

Now that the initial damage is less can we get a shorter cast time on Lava Bomb @MacMan ? It just feels so punishable. A shorter wall cast time would be appreciated but it does do some decent damage.


it’s already been mentioned that the rockwall issue may actually have been fixed in their current version because they’ve been working out the physics bugs more.


True or False?

These abilities only feel punishing with Torvald/Hank around…


So, some info:

There isn’t really a nerf next patch, there is a bug fix and then no other balance changes on Bob for the TU08 patch.

Now, as balance bros’ producer and lover of Behemoth (he’s my favorite monster), I can promise that he is going to be getting some love to get him fixed up for post TU08. I don’t have details to share yet, but I promise he’s going to get attention.

Some things never change
Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

I thought I saw one of the the devs say they were working on a less spammy roll hit in the form of making it more time between damage, were they not satisfied with the outcome?


Was the bug fix the one that was talked about with cryengine physics to address the wall holes?


I’m pretty sure it was the bug that making it spammy, but I would have to double check.


Wait so… 8.0 isn’t the Overhaul? Because I thought all monsters were getting reworked in the overhaul…


I sure hope it was a bug all this time I know Bob can get by without having to roll on everyone :wink:



Edit: lennox too


Yeah, so maybe just maybe distance and position yourself where it would be hard for one such character to land their moves, happens to me all the time, especially with Parnell. Try getting on higher elevation, mortars seem to get real finicky when trying to shoot up a ledge in some junctures.


For TU08, Gorgon and Meteor Goliath had some updates, but not everything was done being reworked. So yes, the monsters are going through an overhaul, but we weren’t going to rush and try to force them all into TU08. We’d rather wait until we got plenty of time with them to make sure we were making the right choices.


Good to know. Helps me regulate my hype levels.


So those are the main two being worked with in 8.0?


omg, Arena… [quote=“Will_Reed, post:1, topic:81152”]
He has the hardest time mitigating domes during S1 out of all monsters.
[/quote]Now we both know that isn’t true. Kraken is stupid hard to mitigate domes.