With Evolve development being shut down by 2k, owning this is bittersweet


I won this at PAX East at an Evolve party, the “Meat and Greet”

It was awesome meeting a good chunk of the Devs as well as competitive players.

I’m sad to see Evolve go


Would love to have something like that <3


I remember you winning that :slight_smile: I was jelly :smiley:


Evolve development is changing hands, it is (as far as we know) not being shut down.


Didn’t you win a giant Goliath statue from the tournament? I was pretty jelly about that! :slight_smile:


Sadly, they are still not out yet. The company, Tri-Force, quoted the statues being delayed and coming out Q4 this year. I’m stil waiting for my new work paper weight >.<


2.16 is the final patch according to 2k/TRS

I don’t see 2k bringing another Dev team on to do the work that TRS is already intimately familiar with



Damn man, it’s a honour to have that


Wow. That’s insane, I had no idea you didn’t have them yet.

Well, I hope you get it soon™


Me to :slight_smile: I still have a signed Evolve Artbook at the least :slight_smile:


Back at the days when Evolve had the potential to have a strong fanbase, those days where there were character cosplays, fanarts, etc. Now none of that is there today, nor even after Stage 2’s release.

Very sad Evolve never really had that amount of fans.

Those are my favorite cosplays, just look at how good they were:


I wonder what happened to the cosplayers or where are they now.


Caira is cosplayed by @SpaceKittens


Thanks! Now who is Val?


Jennifer Wynters was Val. She’s the first evolve cosplayer :slight_smile: she helped me learn how to foam craft!



Thank you! I love you both! :heart:


That is really awesome.

Is there any chance you could take a picture of it from a direct angle so as to share the love as it were?

I would set that as my PC background if I had a better shot of it.

Just askin.


It’s just a signed print of this