With everyone yelling OP!


The developers are gonna be like. . .


Edit: just thought I could make someone laugh by throwing in humor to truth.


Developers balance based on data they collect from the game far more than they do based on people making rant threads. If enough threads are created complaining, then they’re likely to take a more in-depth look at the issue, but only make actual changes if data displays an issue.

It was pretty funny however. :smile:


Except for Crow, and Behemoth, and Goliath, and Wraith, and Abe, and Hank, and Val, and Caira, and Laz, and Griffin, and Maggie, and Markov, and Hyde, and Parnell, and Bucket, and Cabot


Bump. . . .!


@Quirkly, your Quickly becoming my favorite person to read from


yay people like me :blush:


Lol. I agree.


Now you will be crying for nerfs because the cybersquidarmy shall glass you!



So not everyone is getting a nerf, just Sunny and Slim. Everything turned out better than expected