With 2k shutting down NBA2k14 game servers, can TRS give us some reassurance?


They shut down the servers after only 14 months, this kind of makes me worried.

@MacMan @SlabOMeat

Can you please give us some assurance that this game is going to be supported for the long haul?

For PC, if 2k shuts the servers down, would you be able to release a dedicated server option for us to run our own servers? Or even client-side hosting/matchmaking via Steamworks?


That’s a basketball game and everyone switched to 2k15
We should be fine ^.^


Am I crazy or did someone make this same exact topic the other day?


it was like last week i think .


They have said multiple times as long as their is a demand from the fanbase they will support the game. Nba is different cause the sequel comes out a year later and they want poeple to move on


Well at least I am not going crazy.

To the OP I wouldn’t worry, I would guess they shut down 2k14 to make you buy 2k15.


To be honest, 2K and TRS is a business. Businesses are about making money. If, at the 14 month mark, there is hardly anyone playing and no new content being made, why bother spending money if nothing is coming in?

Would that make me sad? Hell yes! I love this game. But I do not expect 2k or TRS to lose money daily to keep a dead game going. Hopefully this is not a dead game any time soon and it stays up for a longer time than 14 months.


Thus my question regarding user-run dedicated servers or client-based hosting.


Most of our future plans center around Evolve. We will continue to support the game for as long as it makes sense to do so. Less worrying, more playing! :wink:


I think I can do that!