Witcher 3 Hype


After playing the evolve beta and realizing that Evolve is not my cup of tea, I stumped upon the witcher 3. Anybody else pumped for this game, cuz It looks amazing!


There’s a witcher 3 beta?


i dont have time to play witcher. which is why evovle is perfect for me. turn on ps4. wreck shyt. turn off. perfect for me. i have hung up my rpg days. got too much going on. but i think i played the witcher 2’s demo. fell asleep while playing. hated it lol.


I can’t wait to play as Ciri! :heart_eyes:

I played both Witcher games and they are awesome!


Only played Witcher 2, and never completed it. For some reason I always take week/month long breaks between play sessions of it so I always forget how to play and whats going on so I restart a new game. But I really want to get Witcher 3 so I’m playing the crap out of the Witcher 2 and beat it and get Witcher 3 afterwards. :smile:


Lol no, I was talking about the evolve beta. There isn’t a witcher 3 beta.


How much time have u put into witcher 2? I havebt played the other witchers, but do u need to play the othea before playing witcher 3?


Lol I know but you said after trying the beta evolve wasn’t for you. I thought you played a witcher beta in order to Tell that it was for you. Also nope you don’t need to play witcher 2 or 1 to play 3.


If you include the session I restarted: about 2 month worth( yeah I’ve had it for that long :sweat:)

I’ve started my latest playthrough and beaten the Kraken which took about a week. I could go quicker but but since the previous time I did long sessions with long breaks inbetween I’ve decided to do short session with short breaks inbetween.(Playing 2 days a week.)


I’m about 10 hours into the first Witcher game. It’s pretty sweet! I want to get through the first two games before doing the 3rd one. I tend to get bored with games pretty quickly, so I figure instead of spending lots of money on Witcher 3 when it comes out, I’ll take my time on the first two and see if I still want to continue. If so, Witcher 3 will probably be on sale by the time I get around to being able to play it. :slight_smile: It does look amazing though. I think it’ll really push my system if I don’t make any hardware upgrades.


Game looks amazing indeed. Too bad they have pushed way back :frowning:


I just hope they deliver and rumor mill is wrong.


What rumour?


[quote]Writing on the games forum NeoGAF,
one anonymous user took issue with others praising the Witcher 3,
claiming that developer CD Projekt Red has built an “overblown”
impression of the game. After the anonymous poster’s legitimacy was
questioned, a NeoGAF administrator claimed they had been “vetted and cleared,” suggesting these were not the words of an outsider.


Infidel!!! But seriously, really want to look into this game more