Witcher 3- early impressions


So witcher 3 is out. Downloaded it pretty much straight away and I have to say so far the game has been excellent, visuals are pretty stunning actually, storyline has been engaging so far and I’ve even found the side quests interesting, combat system took a bit of gettin used to for me as there were alot of buttons to remember but I’ve got used to it now. Honestly ATM I personally can’t find anything negative to say about the game.
Probably jumping the gun to give it a rating as I haven’t finished it but so far - 10/10


I had a really good first impression too. My only downside is that I don’t like Geralts run animation. His walk and sprint is fine, but the regular run/jog just seems so mechanical.

Other than that the story and world seem very interesting so far :smile:


I’ve never played a Witcher game before but this one came with my new Graphics card.
Have to say, this is a great story driven game, there’s parts in the story where it feels I have had to play the last 2 to properly appreciate where it is or understand it… But I’m getting there!

A few crashes during one cutscene, in the end I had to skip all dialogue just to make it through, however it hasn’t had any trouble since then. Also, I will say immersion can be broken at points where Geralts hair and tassels will behave as though they are outside when he is actually inside, things seem a little out of place… Still, this is just nit picky stuff for a generally gorgeous game!

Still so much to dive Into and I look forward to it, disabled most of the HUD as it was all quite overpowering. Down to just health and map so I can absorb the scenery!

Can’t wait to jump back on it tonight, it’s so captivating!


This is the first Witcher to feature an open world… so I’m sure there are numerous small bugs like that


I had heard this was their first attempt at it, they could have fooled me!
I can overlook things like that, it’s just the build up of it, really captures you in the world and I just happened to notice it going on, other than that it really is a work of art. I’m sure down the line a patch may be applied to stop it, saying that, it doesn’t take away from the experience at all!


Also, I will say immersion can be broken at points where Geralts hair and tassels will behave as though they are outside when he is actually inside

Do you have the Nvidia hair works feature enabled? I found that it made the hair seem all floaty and neat like a shampoo commercial. After I turned it off, not only did everything run better, but I actually also think that the hair looked better by having it turned off.


I think so, I’ll have to look Into that and compare differences. I know it’s one of their proud achievements so I thought I’d go along with it as they displayed their extensive work into the behavioural aspects of hair!
Thanks for the suggestion though @Bloodish


I heard hairworks are giving too much stress to the PC for…only the hair ;p
Especially if you are playing on AMD even CD prjekt suggests to turn it off