Wishing for a Audio Teaser for the Next Monster


I think it would be cool if TRS released an audio teaser for the fifth monster, a roar, a couple of sound effects, something cool that will get people speculating until a trailer hits. Would this be alright with you guys?


That would be an awesome!


More interesting then a silhouette.


I could TOTALLY be on board for them releasing a sound clip. Like a security officer giving a journal entry about, “that thing,” killing everyone. And having it kill him in the background.


It would be cool if the monster sounded like Godzilla from new movie!


I know this a bit off topic but I love when slim mentions an old lady an her husband fighting the monster by themselves. It was something like that it was awesome to hear.


You mean this :smile:


Not that one


I’ll post it later.


It’s slightly later. :smile:


Have him drop a few bland hints about it’s appearance, and you hear thumping on the door, and he gets interrupted by the monster breaking down the door, hearing it roar/hiss/snarl/growl and then eat him as he cries out to the Laurie-Anne for help. Then have it fade to black and show the name like:

“--------- IS ON THE HUNT”


YAAAAAA :smiley: