Wish we could choose our bots


Anyone else wish we could choose the ai hunters like in single player?


I feel like choosing wouldn’t work, but it’d be nice to have them randomized


Choosing would enstill arguments, which would cause team members to quit or stick around just to help you lose.

We have enough of that already.

So the best option would be to randomize the bots. I do get sick of Hank calling in a Barrage every time I step forward. A Dust Tagging is muchmore peaceful.


RANDOMIZE IT!!! equal chances for all hunters, equal love ^^


I as well, would not mind random bots.


Agreed, randomize it, and let ‘custom’ games choose bots.


i think so too, the monster randomly chooses one so why should the hunters get stuck with the tier 1 bots? Plus since itll be random more people might get the character they play instead of markov, Hank, Val and Maggie more than likely.


Randoms better than constant Markovs.


I agree, characters should be randomly chosen if a player doesn’t hold the specified role such as Medic.