Wish there was a dedicated button for automatic crouch+left_click



Sneaking is an integral part of the game and especially important when you catch a party member off-guard. Obviously, you have a small window of opportunity to smack a hunter and pounce them before they juke you long enough for the team to arrive. Those seconds are precious and can determine the outcome of a dome before it even starts.
Unfortunately, I find sneak-attacking very clunky, unreliable, and you have to press two buttons to boot. I currently have it set to a simple macro and it’s reliable in the calm, but very buggy mid-chaos.
It would be awesome as a monster player to have this integrated into one button.
At the very least, can we get a hud indicator (next to our abilities, perhaps?) which shows that it’s off cool-down? Spending the time to crouch to suddenly realize it’s not off cool-down is incredibly frustrating and gives hunters those precious seconds to enable another rotation of val’s HB/Hank’s SB or EMETs HB/Bucket’s RB.
A simple indicator of the cooldown would be fantastic if for some reason one-button integration is out of the question.


Yeah, the sneak attack is definitely not really responsive, sadly.

I don’t understand why the damage done to hunters is pretty low too, should be stronger, you take risks going stealh and catching one and there is absoluty no reward.


Yeah, I usually finish enemies off with shotgun skills because the pounce itself is just so weak.


If you’re using pounce for outright damage, you’re looking at it wrong. Pounce is vital to stopping roaching/kiting, and it disorients/stops them for landing an ability more easily.


i’ve started playing Bob with Pounce Perks for going tongue grab -> Rock Wall -> Pounce
but aside from the buggy Wall that sometimes lets people still go through and doesnt spawn correctly, it can be hard to get the pounce off quickly as well, since there seems to be a little delay after pressing ctrl before you can actually pounce