Wiping the leaderboards after fix


Dev’s already stated they are going to fix the fact that when a player leaves the game it doesn’t count as a loss; ergo they cant forge their W/L’R anymore.

A fix for the sake of the leader-board and to put the pro-players and cheaters where they belong, I would recommend wiping the leader-boards so everybody gets a clean start. This will also compensate to those who have had their rank glitched and got it wiped early. This may upset a lot of people, but if you’re apparently the best then it should be no problem for you to rise through the ranks again.

I dislike how it was abused so heavily so we potentially have forged rank 1 monsters and such with 100% W/L’R.

If you agree, sign.

Monsters Leaving the Game to Prevent the Loss
Getting frustrated. wraith gets wrecked and drops

Personally, I’d love to see them suspended for being douche canoes but I’m pretty sure they would reset the ladders.


Not fair on people who played fair


And if you played fair you can get it back easily. If you are talking about suspensions, it would be easy to find out the people who ‘disconnect/quit’ and leave the game.


I know it would hurt those who played fair, but as I said: If you played fairly and are actually good, it should be no problem for you to get to your spot.

In the end, it might even help people who played fairly! With those cheaters set at the bottom of the ladder it would give the fair players the rank they deserve!


Not only that, but leaderboards, as they are right now, is literally /played. It should be based on W/L ratio with brackets of how many games played. Not /Wins.


I’m in top 5 as medic , if that gets reset :frowning:


Top 5 undefeated Kraken. No quits! A reset would break my heart.


But if you played enough to get there to begin with you’ll just end up there again. This is not a skill based leaderboard. This is just number of wins, period.


If they’re gonna go through with this reset, I hope they also take away the ability to boost leaderboard rank and character completion stats through private matches.

And one more thing, I currently get disconnected from about 1 in 5 games on Xbone. Getting disconnected and taking a loss due to TRS’s server issues would be incredibly unfair. They should at least fix this before resetting the leaderboards.


Private matches have no influence on the leaderboard.

I assume they would fix the server connectivity before going all out with this.


And how exactly is that fair to us you have been playing constantly to be at the top? I’m top 20 for Goliath and i never quit a game unless it crashes, a glitch occurs where cant play ( black screen upon start, not being able to pick ability’s upon evolving, glitching through floor of map stopping all movement. ) or it kicks me from the match saying lost connection. Its unlucky to lose progress from a glitch but that does not mean they should say fuck you to rest of the community just because people like you care about a win loss ratio. In all seriousness if my progress on the leader board gets reset because of people like you i am done with turtle rock and 2k games.


Sorry but thats just laugh worthy. Literally, a broken system and a week of playing and you throw in the towel?


This thread sounded like a nice ish idea but it looks more like a witch hunt, I’m not sure how I feel about leaderboard resets but I think it would be best if turtle rock used a system that could assess the matches retro actively, what this means is if a player quit an in progress game the system could see that and change their w/l ratio after the the fact and I think they should include a DNF percentage as well to shame those who quit a lot of their games, they would probably have to take the servers down for a few hours to make sure they don’t break anything when they implement it but this would be the fairest way to do it and no one would lose their progress, that said I dont think they’ll do it because it’d be harder and cost more money and 2k have been fairly cheap lately with this kind of stuff (nba2k15 still has broken shot timing like 5 months after release for example)


I just had my states reset on the leaderboard I was number 1 on the leaderboard for Caira the medic on xbox one and I would love to see them reset the leaderboards


Over 100 games played just to have that flushed down the toilet because people cant stand seeing a zero win loss ratio? Yes indeed ill be done with these two company’s if that happens its not worth giving them more money if they don’t think about glitches first hand then punish people who haven’t even done anything. I only have a 6 win loss for Goliath and about 80 wins having that lost over nothing is not fair. Its a win loss ratio on a leader board based on time played to wins not wins to losses. Resetting people who haven’t quit and forcing them to fight there way back to the top is not fair to those players.


Best solution : Remove the leaderboard.

For any game, leaderboard bring too much negative things.


yesturday I had my save reset and today my leaderboard progress was reset my luck is so bad :worried:


If we only reset those who cheated it then comes into play on WHO cheated.

As I said before, if you think you’re that good, then prove it.


And if you go 100 and 0 again why would it matter? It only hurts the cheesers as the good people will rise to the top.