Wins not showing up


Ive noticed the last 4 wins i have with Gorgon are not showing up on leaderboards. It really bothers me because im globally 19th in wins with gorgs and now none of my current wins are adding to this. Its just frustrating because every single loss u get always counts even if u were disconnected or the game crashes to the dashboard, but when u actually deserve a win they arent always showing up. Has anyone else seen this bug?
Im on xbox one by the way and all of my matches since hunt 2.0 came out are on hunt


Same here m8, and I’m on Ps4. I just noticed that none of my wins were showing up, but my WLR was increasing, so the problem it’s just on the wins not showing.


Yes … My w/l has increased too, just not showing the wins


Same here. Wins not showing up. Gorgon on PC.


I noticed last night that its all of the monsters for me and every game as well


Is it working again for anyone ? in my case - wins still not showing up.


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