Wins not being recorded?


So I’m playing Evolve and I finally get Monster which is my first pick. Normally if I get monster I only get to play one round before being switched to a hunter. This time I got to be monster for 9 rounds in a row! I lost my first one but the next 8 straight I won! I was playing as Behemoth every round and I was really excited because he’s my favorite monster and I would move up on the leaderboards. When I went to go look though, after I was done playing, not a single game had been recorded! Do the leaderboards take time to update or am I not going to get those on my record? I’m fine if they don’t show up but I was just wondering. Also, if this topic already exists go ahead and redirect me, thanks!


Never heard of this issue did you know the exact leaderboard statistics you had before the games?