Wins for hunters/monsters still not saving to leaderboards!


My wins for the last month on and off haven’t been recording for hunters that i go,i thought it was fixed because @TatzyXY said it was few weeks ago but yesterday all my wins with WLM wasn’t saving!


Because they were fixed (and worked) but a few days ago the problem appeared again.
In my case: PC, Gorgon, no wins registering to Leaderboard.


Yep here the same, Goliath PC no wins are getting registered (were 2 Arena matches, but i dont think the mode is important for that, i’d assume that the same is on hunt/defend matches)


I can’t get anymore Wins for Torvald or Behemoth.


Same here. Wins that hadn’t shown up before appeared after the fix, but this week new wins are not showing up again.


I play ps4 and also had this problem for some time…then it was fixed but now its bugged again…
But the win lose ratio kept working no matter what so it will save progress anyway and will be updated with the next patch i think (at least i hope they do :stuck_out_tongue: )


Humm I haven’t got any on the leader boards for months now I gave up in 2k report site


@Insane_521 do you have any info or a fix I can do with with this if you don’t know it’s fine the game play fine a don’t care alot about leaderboards


When @LadieAuPair gets in I’ll have her look into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :slight_smile: