Winrates of the balance requesters


I’m wondering when someone says that one or more character/comp is OP, how does this character affects his/her winrate, I know winning isn’t everything, but it is more manageable data, then frustration. I only know one regural monster player (who is a Bronze Destroyer), but she has a 74% winrate (she never refuses silver player composition). As I heard there is a very big difference at higher levels, compared to pubs, so I’m wondering when a Monster player requesting for a Hunter nerf, is it because they loose most of the times against this Hunter, or they have a more frustrating games where they eventually win? And also during one Hunter’s OP life phase, monsters have to face this Hunter most of the games, or is it just a bit more regular?

I play hunters for most of the times, so I’m more sensitive to hunter nerfs, but I would like to hear Monster player’s opinions with datas (also Hunter players opinions).

I’m asking this beacuse I remember a piechart where it was shown that aprox 9% of the games ended at Stage 1 with Monster’s winrate 9%, aprox 40% ended at Stage 2 with Monster’s winrate 51%, and aprox 50% ended at Stage 3 with Monster’s winrate 86% in total monster’s winrate 65%. Sadly I dont remember the date, but it was somewhere after Tier 4. I know since then there is an Instadome buff for Hunters, and nerf for Monster’s Stage 3, but I remember many Monster players sad that thoese Hunters who let a Monster to Stage up to 3 deserve the punishment of loosing the game, eventhough most of the Hunts ended at Stage 3, and in Stage 2 there was slitely more chance for the monsters.

I don’t say that frustration isn’t important, but I when (Hunters and Monsters included) someones winrate is above 60% and this rate don’t drop at least 5% (or loose his/her games against a certain character at least a 6 out of ten), then I think it is more about one’s ability to handle loosing a game.

I love this game and it’s community so It is not about hating anybody, (I’m not a native english speaker sorry for any grammar mistake)


i cant handle loosing a match as monster it feels like part of you dies as hunters i dont care if i lose


I can relate to that, I also feel more stress and pain when I get Health damage playing as a Monster. The whole you are alone against four people is a bit scary, that is why I’m having more fun playing as a Hunter, but as much as I can enjoy a close game where I loose, I get a bit demotivated when I loose too much. And that is my fear, if at pubs stage the monsters stomp and stomp at each game, most of them will be demotivated. I would suggest some buff at higher division (maybe after silver expert) for the monsters, because there most of the hunters know what to do and how to play smart, but many don’t get the nerves to stay for so long time, and go through soo many lost games. And in the end I think everybody want a close game, where they feel it is between even forces.

Maybe I’m too biased to hunters, but too many times I hear from Monster players to man up when there is a Hunter nerf, and If there is a Monster nerf I hear from them that TRS is making this game too easy for Hunters. I don’t know recent datas about Win percentages, but I feel (maybe wrongly) that there is still more Monster wins in multiplayer.

Maybe I’m just too focused to read the wrong comments, maybe not.


It depends on the rank and whether you play in premades. At lower levels 1 person with average coordination and skill will beat 4 people of similar coordination and skill because it’s easier for 4 people to make a mistake than 1. At higher skill levels and against premade hunter teams the Hunters have an advantage. Overall the win rates are pretty close to 50% across all skill levels, but there is a curve the further from the middle there is.


If it is true then everything is good. My rate is preatty much close 50 % (54%), but I think it is beacuse I play with my girlfriend most of the times. But when I watch her playing as Monster against 2 Bronz destroyers (she is also a B D) one Silver Skilled, and one Deter rank, she just smash the s*** out of them, and when there is a full BD team, it is a close game, but most of the times she wins, and we are a little bit afraid that we just scared them from playing this Awsome game.

But thank you for the information


It’s also just normal human nature that we remember intense emotions as memories and as such it’s much easier to remember negative experiences than positive ones (For the most part). I feel that the game is much more balanced than most people think, it’s just skewed disproportionately due to personal bias and memory experience. That isn’t to say that some people have much higher win/loss rations, but overall it’s fairly balanced. :slight_smile:


This pic that someone else made sums up the balance of Evolve.


I have a winrate of around 59% as a monster player, and I still feel that lots of matches were won by hunters based purely on how numbers were in their favor. Mind you, it’s not balanced games that people complain about; those kinds of games where chances are 50-50 and the fights are tight and exciting.

The thing that people complain about is hunters picking specific characters because they make monster play practically impossible, or force the monster to make lots of negative choices. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but generally the OP hunter teams have very few weaknesses due to player skill being quite high.

As a simple example that’s currently really annoying to face you can look at a combination of Lazarus and Kala. By themselves they are fairly decent, but put together they create a rather painful situation as a monster. Not only are you forced to camp a body for a rather lengthy period of time, but you’re also forced to bleed out your health while your armor is being reduced to nothing. Factor in the other half of the hunter team and you’ll soon find that numbers greatly favor them - Unless you were that one lucky guy who ran a Behemoth, and got a free stage 2 evolve; at which point we’re not talking about good players anymore, heh.

Yes, a winrate of 59% is on the high end of the spectrum, but that doesn’t excuse poor balancing in regards to certain team compositions. Is there a way to balance this properly? Not really. The more hunters/monsters get added into the game, the less balance there will be; you can’t nerf every combination that’s OP, because it’ll render other combinations just as useless. This, at least I think, is one of the reasons why elite wildlife can be such a good addition to the game, if the underpowered team can get a decent buff before the other party does.


Not sure if I have room to talk as I’m a relatively new monster in hunt 2.0( roughly 50 games at 72% win rate) but there are hunters I feel I can do nothing against and others I just laugh at. For instance Val or caira without a shield support of just too easy to rip apart, where as sunny or hank with Val is Nigh impossible to assail. Laz is an interesting one as If he’s got a good hank or sunny than its a bitch, but if he’s got Kala or Cabot than its pretty easy to pick him apart(high damage but low survivability, just don’t overcommit and you’ll be fine).

Being a wraith my perspective might be a bit warped but I just feel that it’s either a super hard fight or just a joke to rip apart teams completely dependant on who they are. Not even skill level, just character selection.


This is very true, and for a solution, I would suggest to TRS to implement the banning method from TGL or something similar, that way the monsters could ban ceratin OP composition, and could prevent Hunter Nerfs (which would leave some Hunters useless in any composition)

That is one of my biggest concern, that new comers need some guidance, beacuse some composition is hardly manageable, others is not for begginers. And the only Assault Tutorial stage is very little help(considering that the Assault role is the easiest to understand). I could imagine a tutorial system where you have to go through each classes tutorial (not videos but actual tutorial stage), which might take 1-1,5 hour to complete, but eventually would give a healty experience, and a bigger chance at early days to win in Multiplayer, and in longterm more players who would stay and bump the playerbase.


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