Winning by destroying the relay


I have only seen one gameplay where the monster has destroyed the relay, but for me I would go for killing the hunters. I’ve heard others win by doing this, but can’t find the videos. Can people paste links in this topic if they find a video where someone does win by destroying the relay.


I’ve been searching for the videos including monsters winning by destroying the relay too, however I couldn’t find any. It’s always better to kill hunters, than destroy the relay to succeed a victory.

Believe that’s so, since hunters just defend the relay, hit you and once you get damaged while hitting the relay - you just stop there.


Closest I’ve seen is monster needed ONE hit and he would of won


Just watched this video. You can see, that you attack relay when you kill 3 hunters already and you’re lazy to track the last one down and kill it.


I think in some of their twitch videos they have one where the monster wins by killing the generator.


I’d go for the hunters if I could, but if there’s one left and he/she is hiding, wrecking the relay either will wins you the match, or will pull that last hunter out of hiding


The relay is a deliberately difficult objective. Having a fixed location and interruptible interaction ensures this. The idea is that it forces the hunters to pay attention to a stage 3 monster, the same way the end game timer forces the stage 3 monster to go against the hunters.


Baiting the hunters far enough away, or sneaknig passed cocky hunters, can sometimes give you enough time to destroy it. It will draw the hunters to you if that’s what you want. Some locations like dam it can be really great to get there first then catch them at the bottom of the buildings where it’s less ideal and you can attack down at them. You can hit the relay for 5-10 seconds to get them to panic and then creep away from it and set up for a perfect leap smash to catch them off guard. Hunters will usually panic and rush straight for the relay to stop it taking damage as fast as they can, often splitting up and not waiting for eachother if one is slower or gets stuck for a few seconds climbing a cliff.

If you’ve done a lot of damage to the relay and then escaped after a bad fight and come back or down 2 or 3 of them and they flee a little but you can’t survive another fight vs 4 then sometimes the relay is perfect. It’s not always a full hp to 0 hp in one go type of a thing. Sometimes you work at it.

Fusion plant if they’re trying to bait you outside or trying to shoot in sometimes while you’re waiting for them to come inyou can whittle away at the relay. It’s purpose is very well fitted in and never feels like it was cheap but it’s also totally not useless.

Similar to the 3 minutes till end of game warning you get forcing you to fight or attack the relay - once you begin fighting or attacking the relay the time keeps resetting to 3 minutes. Never a game where “if you had 20 more seconds” type of a disappointing end to an arbitray time limit.


I agree! I usually won my matches killing overconfident hunters.

One time that irked me was when I WAS trying to kill them, and Hank kept cloaking after using orbital strike to prevent me from smashing the relay OR killing him. (The next match like this I was able to set him on fire so that I could still see the flames even though he was invisible!)


I’ve done it maybe twice in the last alpha, the hunters were looking for me on the other side of the map and I was able to smash it easily. The other time however I had killed all the hunters except Maggie and she just kept hitting me with her SMG while hiding around the corner of the entrance constantly stopping me from doing any damage with her pea shooter. Then she would run away when I came after her, it was incredibly frustrating as this went on for a few minutes and eventually the rest of the team came back and I just had to pound them all into the ground to win the match.


Wait, don’t they get notification when their relay is getting damaged?


Yeah, as well as when the monster evolves to Stage 3, you’ll get a warning telling you the generator is vulnerable.


I know about that, but when Monster hits the relay and damages it - don’t you get a notification?


Yep, you do.


Think they were stupid for not coming back? Or simply couldn’t, since they were far away from the relay.


I wasn’t in the match so I wouldn’t have known the exact details.
Either they were new, and didn’t know what to do, or they were really far away.
The monster can easily destroy the relay when the Hunters are on the other side of the map.


It’s totally possible they were too far. You never go that far from the relay in stage 3 but times we got ahead of ourselves or thought he was heading away still when we heard the sound. A mad scramble of no constantly drained jetpacks later and we got there just as it was destroyed.


They were too far away to get back before I had destroyed it. They just got in range but it was too late.

I had purposely lured them there while holding onto my stage 3 evolve, once they were there I parkoured back to the dam and evolved outside of the facility.


I won once at Stage 3 by destroying the relay because the hunters followed me to the other end of the dam map and I snuck past them and headed back to the relay. They had hurt me quite a bit and were overconfident and I ended up winning.

But it’s just there to force the hunters to stand and fight otherwise they could scatter to the four corners of the map and you wouldn’t be able to kill all of them at once, by the time you killed one and got the next one, the dropship timer would be nearly over.


That’s a good point. I hadn’t really thought of it like that way because that would be so lame that no one does that but thankfully they cannot or wouldn’t even bother thinking of doing that because of the relay.