Winning Animation for Both Hunters and Monster Execution Style


I know this is some farfetched idea, but please think about how awesome it is if you add win animation for hunter and monster.

This is how I picture it, an execution style for the hunter who made the last hit on monster or MVP player in the game maybe.

Take Hyde for example when he was able to last hit the monster, the execution would be him climbing top the monster’s face and melt it with his flame thrower. Cabot shooting monster’s stomach and the beam passing it’s body. Hank raining down orbital on monster. This one is funny for me, Laz reviving the monster, while monster is waking up all hunter guns is trained on him and the monster is like wtf?
Kraken electrocuting everyone, Gorgon trapping every hunter in her web for her babies to feed.


The devs have talked about maybe adding something like a taunt or an emote like a roar for the monsters. I imagine it’s hard to do without it becoming toxic. It’s also just not high priority right now, though pretty often talked about by the community. In fact, there used to be an animation for the monster when they would down a hunter with a melee attack. It was basically like they would pick them up and slam them down. It was irritating to be locked down for the duration of the animation as a monster though, so it was eventually removed.


Yeah I liked that animation were you pick the hunter in front of his team and slam him.
But it’s kind of free hit for other hunters, specially hank’s orbital. But it was fun though.
Now I just eat the hunter in front of them, you need feed speed perks though.


Emet could nuke himself in the monster or Renegabe can get revenge for all his friends by doing some execution style shotgun kill and Abe can pull out his pistol and go “It’s High Noon, my doods!”


Jack can climb into the monsters corpse and start jumping on It’s face and shouting things at it