Winners of the 1st annual Shear Violence Tourney


Got my Val Action Figure thanks!


Hi cutie! :wink:


Mwahahaha little did they know that I already have the action figures!


But were they free? muahahaa


Wait what’s the shear violence tourney?

<3 I want that action figgir!


It was a Ps4 tournament for Evolve hosted by @SpaceStationCrew the winners got cash, stickers, an action figure for the role they played, and a t-shirt that only the monster player gets.


Ahhhhh damn you.


I watched it… The chat was filled… With such… Interesting commentary… So so much :frowning:


It was so much fun ^.^


Was it… Wait are you PS4?


Yes he plays ps4


I’m demonhunter1245
Leader of Team Orb-Mor


Btw i never found out. How did you place?


4th, but we couldn’t compete for 3rd since half my team was working the next day lol


10 chars




Obama Care the champs?!

Obama third term!?


Out of the box image up close image


Cheers to you gents @ObamaCare for winning the Tourney, Im happy to see you guys received your prizes !! Please message me pictures along with any social media accounts u guys have (Twitter handles / Instagram) so we can TAG you from our social media! here is more info for people who missed out on tourney <3

Edited Video of Shear Violence can be found here :wink: Along with Several other videos of all the teams that competed. Quake is editing the Finals today, that will be avail by monday :slight_smile:

Thanks Quake for the editing <3 .

I ESPECIALLY WANT TO THANK THE PLAYERS <3 <3 , You gents truly made it a very enjoyable experience . Ive been asked by 20-30 messages on PSN " When is the next Shear Violence " , i originally told everyone MAY, but because of the response’s im receiving via PSN, Making a call to move it ahead. We are looking into dates for April, Will update once i know the exact day :slight_smile:

  • Signups will be available AFTER March 12th. Check out our twitch for further details & feel free any Evolve PSN players to message me personally, im accessible for anyone, even if your new trying to find someone to play with, i’ll point you in the correct direction .

Message To All Teams: Gamers from all over the world on PSN were watching you gents battle it out & show off some of the greatest evolve gameplay ive personally ever seen <3

#SpaceStationTV // Shear Violence // 400+ Trending across entire network on PSN .

Cheers & thanks for an amazing weekend of Evolve!

Michael aka S_P_A_C_E_x5


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