WINNERS King of the Kaiju CONTEST!


Edit: Contest is now closed to entries and it’s time to place your votes!

Hello everyone! Yep, it’s about time for another Sledge contest! I hope you all will enjoy it and have another fun time with it as you have with my others. That being said, here are the nitty gritties:

Character Creation

Use your creative brain meats to come up with the most ultimate Kaiju ever! It’s gotta be unique, but not necessarily bent on total destruction…it could be a nice or silly Kaiju that just trips on buildings, haha. It can NOT be a replica of something already out there or of an Evolve monster (sorry, no giant mammoth birds). This has to be your own monster. You are limited to just 1 Kaiju entry, and you are welcome to add to or edit your entry as much as you like before the contest deadline.

Please drop your Kaiju character sheet below as a comment to enter! You can find the character sheet details below. Feel free to expand on the information requested but you must include all of the information requested if applicable. Remember, you can only submit one entry.

1st Place: 1 8X10" Full-Color pin-up original illustration created by myself.
2nd Place: 1 8X10" Black and White rendered original illustration pin-up created by myself.
3rd Place: 1 5X7" Black and White rendered original illustration pin-up created by myself.
Honorable Mention: 1 Black and White Inked 2.5 X 3.5" Art Card original illustration created by myself.
*Illustrations will be created with traditional, not digital, media.

(By entering this contest you give me permission to illustrate your creature, however you will own the copyright to your creation and may use it as you see fit, short of making prints and selling my work. I retain the right to showcase the piece as part of my portfolio and on web sites promoting my work, such as here on: Patreon. You will get the original artwork shipped to you after creation. Creation could take up to a month or more. Also, this is unlike a commissioned artwork in that you will get no proof sketch to review before I create it…when I create it that’s it, no revisions, so be sure you make a nice visual for me to work from in your character sheet.)

This time voting will be similar to my last contest. When you see a Kaiju description you like, then hit the heart button and “Like” it. The Kaiju with the most likes wins! Second and third places will also be determined this way. I personally will deal with any ties, depending on how that works out.

Sunday Feb. 14th (Valentine’s Day) at approx. Midnight PST!

Devs, Mods, and Leaders are all welcome to participate as well as vote. I will read and enjoy every Kaiju monstrosity, but I personally will not be “liking” any to refrain from the voting process.

Please copy and paste the following worksheet into your comment reply and be as descriptive as possible, especially with colors and also similes describing such things like skin patterns, fur, scales, etc. The more you tell us, the more we can “see” your beastie, and the better I will be able to translate that into a drawing should you win. If a category is not applicable or your character only has 1 or 2 attack abilities for instance, you do not need to force another into your design, just write N/A (not applicable) in the space or leave it blank. You can feel free to add in more options to fill out. To make it easier to read, please make BOLD the Options in the list and non-bold your descriptions.
Kaiju Name: Gamera
Head Appearance: Snapping Turtle w/2 tusks on the lower jaw like a boar.

Kaiju Name:
Iconic Sound/Roar:

Eye Appearance:
Head Appearance:
Torso Appearance:
Limb Appearance:
Wings/Other Appendage Appearance:

Element Associated with it:
Main Attack Ability:
Secondary Attack/Special Ability:
Third Attack/Special Ability:
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: (used only when in the most dire of circumstances to pull out a win)
Traversal/Movement Ability:
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability:
Escape Tactic:
Special Powers:

Back Story/Creation Legend:
Worst Enemy:
Goal in Life:
Preferred Food Source:
Manner of Feeding:

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:

That’s it! Get crackin’ :kraken_stare: and have fun. Again, you’re able to edit your entry as much as you want before the final deadline. General comments made towards each other’s Kaiju creations are welcome but will be deleted out before final voting takes place, to clean up the entries and make for easier voting when the time comes. You’re free to vote as soon as you read posted entries.

Example of my prior work:

This piece is a Black and White rendered illustration. Since a winning piece of art will feature but 1 Kaiju though, you can expect greater detail in your creature.

"king of kaiju contest" is awesome!


Kaiju Name: Gortek (Species CO’UU)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Iconic Sound/Roar:

Eye Appearance: Amphibious, similar to a frog, with horizontal slits allowing a mucus membrane covering between the eyelid and the outer cornea.

Head Appearance: Smallish eyes, large mouth with exposed teeth. Ears and Nose are both the same organ and are close to the eyes. This allows for quicker digestion of external information for quicker decision making. One of the secondary brains is directly connected to this upper head area for secreting it’s bile weaponization as well as using it’s senses to find prey. The Primary brain handles the locomotive traversal with it’s feeders.

Torso Appearance: The torso is held up by many tentacle like appendages that function as appendages to traverse as well as consume. The torso itself is relatively small all things considered where the head and appendages make up the majority of the Kaiju.

Limb Appearance: Several appendages that function as feeders allow for traversal across a variety of terrain. The feeders can also function as suckers for tight gripping, clinging or suction towards an object or terrain. They are layered with very dense muscle fiber strands to allow support and quick traversal across different terrains. They can also function similarly to a squid to help propel through liquid environs. The feeders can be made to stretch out as there isn’t any hard bone within the feeders. This allows for whip like actions as well as shrinking in size to allow for dexterous interactions. 8 Appendages in all that fork off into 3 toe like smaller feeders for adept handling. It holds itself upright similar to this.

Element Associated with it: Bile/Acid/Toxic

Main Attack Ability: Uses it’s Bile launcher to sow chaos and confusion. This chemical can break down proteins at the molecular level and is similar to an organic acid that eats away tissue. If direct contact is avoided the gas emitted from exposure infiltrates the lungs and into the bloodstream where it carries neurological bodies that attach themselves to the brain tissue of most living beings. Once there it clings to the neural pathways and hampers electrical impulses from travelling as quickly thus resulting in a daze like stance throughout the body. Organisms appear to get sluggish and some stop altogether allowing for Gortek to feed at leisure once primary threats are neutralized. The bile is secreted from it’s feeder like appendages and can be ‘flung’ at primary hostile threats as well as a large quantity being expelled through it’s large mouth. It can take a few moments to gather enough mucus in it’s throat for a large bile bomb while the feeders produce their own capacity within their housed feeders.

Secondary Attack/Special Ability: In addition to the bile secretion and expulsion, the tentacles can function as whips that can strike with adept focus and strength. The sting and wounding of the feeders is also laced with the bile toxin to help impede neurological reasoning and thinking to help finish prey off.

Tertiary Attack/Special Ability: It can also use it’s feeders to smother and strangle it’s prey similar to a python or giant snake. High density muscle fibers allow for an extremely strong constriction rate as well as secreting it’s toxic bile through the feeders themselves.

Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: Doesn’t really have a secret weapon, however if killed the necrotic tissue with the cells of the creature quickly breakdown internal organs causing a widespread catastrophic breakdown of internal systems. This chain reaction culminates after a few moments of brain death and results in the creature expelling it’s internal reservoir of toxin in an extremely large radius. This toxin that is normally already harmful to the neural passages is mixed with necrotic tissue that turns it from a neural dampener into an extremely corrosive gas that will eat away even high density metallic allows as it affects the molecular structure and breaks it down and separates the different electrons, protons and neutrons.

Traversal/Movement Ability: The 8 feeder like tentacles allow for sustained mobility and the ability to move in height with ease. With no bone structure in the feeders it can quickly rise tall or hug the ground without much effort. Because of the many tentacles it can also move side to side with ease as it has multiple avenues of movement at once.

Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: It can propel itself through liquid similar to a squid’s movement.

Escape Tactic: A large expulsion of bile can allow it to slide on it’s torso to evade predators and anything foolish to follow will succumb to the toxin contained within.

Back Story/Creation Legend: Species CO’UU’ was created to attack watery environments first by subjugating the local wildlife and threats in the water and then spear a beachhead attack as a front line breacher. Once front lines have been established species CO’UU’ is then tasked with infiltration due to it’s dexterous movement and ability to contain threats with just it’s bile toxin.

Worst Enemy: Aerial units can pose a problem due tot he inability to reach them. At times species CO’UU’ will bait said enemies to a lower elevation through subterfuge and trickery and then try to either spring from the ground and wrap it’s bile soaked feeders around it’s prey and bring it down.

Goal in Life: When not in combat species CO’UU’ can become a glutenous creature that spends its time feeding and floating in currents of oceans.

Preferred Food Source: Anything with a low PH blood level and less solid bone structure. It prefers to slowly slurp it’s food source(s) instead of crunching and breaking down the outer shell in order to get to the good stuff.

Manner of Feeding: It prefers to use it’s tentacle feeders to slowly wrap a potential meal and slowly absorb and digest through it’s main feeders. While it’s mouth is very large it prefers to eat through it’s appendages.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:

Blasted flyers! I must bring you closer. You are too far for my children’s mouths. We will move to that valley and you will follow. You will come closer. You will be sustenance. You follow when you should retreat. You have already lost.

CO’UU’ darts into the valley and hugs the ground trying to blend in with it’s environment. The large predatory bird like creature flies lower to investigate the movement in the shadows. Little does it realize it is walking into a trap. Too late it sees the mass wriggle and writhe below and attempts to pull up. Too late. Species CO’UU’ springs into action wrapping it’s bile soaked feeders around the flyer and slowly smothers, constricts and oozes out toxin as they fall to the ground.

My children are hungry. They feel your warmth. Don’t struggle. It only makes the toxin work faster. Feed my children. Feed. We have a live one and it will take days to consume her. Enjoy and feast, you have done well. Enjoy your flight my children. Enjoy your meal. This is just the first of many that we will feed upon.

The flyer’s brain slowly goes numb with thoughts but it still senses being slowly digested over time. Unable to scream it simply lies within CO’UU’s death embrace scared every minute. CO’UU doesn’t even try to put it out of it’s misery. Some say that CO’UU feeds on emotion as well. This, however, has never been proven.


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Kaiju Name:Siren
Iconic Sound/Roar:3 different toned scream but comes together as a high pitch screech

Eye Appearance: Pure red eye that blink sideways 2 eye on each head

Head Appearance: The Main head of the Siren is purple, short snout, but its neck is long and slender. This head has a frill/crest the is royal blue. In the mouth, there is a black forked tongue but a yellow tip.

Torso Appearance:It torso is long and slender but thick not fat , the neck(s) of this 3 headed beast are also long and slender. The torso is low to the ground.
Limb Appearance: 4 short limbs again black in color. They are short/ squat and has long nails to traverse any terrain.
Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: On this beast there are 3 heads so the other heads are black, there are lesser in appearance they dont have sheen like the main head or the crest/frill. A 3 long tails that follow the Siren drag on the ground the middle one is purple and the other tails are black.

It should look like this but black and has luster. No beaks, 3 heads. Looks like a snake heads, but the main head is purple and has a royal blue frill or crest.

Element Associated with it: Sound/Air
Main Attack Ability: Uses the other two heads to bite and bludgeon prey. It can attack and keep its stride because the main head controls the lesser heads.
Secondary Attack/Special Ability:Lules prey towards the monster using a short melody. The monster stops completely and the main head lift up high and “sings”. The prey whether it be hunter or wildlife is forced to stop whatever they were doing and comes to the monster. The other two heads are low and wait for the incoming food and as soon as the prey is in reach a pounce is ensued and the two heads can grab the prey.
Third Attack/Special Ability: A pushing force that comes for the main head. Provides a great deal of knockback and damage.
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: (used only when in the most dire of circumstances to pull out a win) A high pitched scream that stuns enemies in a 20 meter radius. She can uses this to flee and damage prey.
Traversal/Movement Ability:She prefers to walk she is low to the ground so her stomach almost scrapes the ground.
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Her other two head humm/growl she using air as she hovers but stay closes to the ground. can change in altitude but not to extreme difference in height. This traversal is not great in duration because its hard to keep the Siren air borne so long.

Back Story/Creation Legend: The Siren was a product of the need for an apex predator. A monster that needed to be able to hunt, kill and think. So of course, three heads are better than one. As this monster grew with age one head must become dominant (hence the main head the master blaster) Made after all the other monster, right before the destruction of Factor, she began to learn her place. She hid in caves and became fat, she didnt hunt or exercise, she simply sang and food came, but as Factor became less and less populated she grew a rage at the lack of food. She had to hunt and evolve :wink: . She grew hatred towards human kind because they made her hunt and they made her look for food. On a particular day, she met out favorite trapper,Maggie, with her trusty side kick Daisy(younger ofc) these two have been running throughout Factor stealing food from Siren. Maggie set traps for Siren, one that incapacitated Siren and let Maggie and Daisy run to Shear.
Worst Enemy: Maggie
Goal in Life: Kill the trapper Maggie and Daisy
Preferred Food Source:Trapjaw
Manner of Feeding: The main head doesnt eat it looks out it. The other two heads eat what they can, they fight and snap at each other to share food. This becomes problematic but the main head keeps everything in check and makes sure that the food is consumed either way.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:
PLACE: SHEAR, Weather Control Tower
Hunter squad has new detail, monster on Weather Control pillaging and disrupting wildlife. The Laurie-Anne flys over. From drop ship we see our 4 antagonist, Markov, Cabot, Val, Maggie and Daisy. No dropship conversation, Maggie has a bad feeling and she feels like she has no need for the hum drum banter. Daisy hairs stand on edge, her eyes are big, almost deeper. The squad drops ship. Daisy immediately bellows.
Maggie says softly to herself:" Tracks… these look all too familiar" Markov questions what she says. She snaps" Nothing, we got tracks, follow Ruva."

We follow our hunter squad to the caves, they been following this new stage 1 monster well but Daisy seems slower, almost troubled. Wildlife carrion all over and a high pitch scream for a stage 2 monster. Cabot questioned Maggie" Is Daisy all right?" Maggie on the defensive says " ARE YOU DOUBTING MY DOG?" Cabot scuffs " Dust for the target" he says. Val finally pipes in " New monster, Cabot outline say he’s close."
“SHE"Maggie snaps. “she” Markov replies” Lets move we are losing much ground, what do you mean she, Maggie?" Right before another word comes out another scream is heard this one louder and longer than the last. “Stage three… explain on the way to the relay” Cabot says. Maggie tells the story

Relay fight Helipad
Daisy makes a noise never heard before a growl that was deep. Footsteps are heard and in the brush Siren sniffs then steps out. Siren and Maggie hold eye contact.Siren pushes her with her voices, on her feet Maggie through the domes. Markov uses his personal shield and charges straight at the beast and the lesser heads rip him apart in one motion. Cabot on the high ground starts to b line towards the monster but his cold face says he is not cabot. The secondary heads fight for his body and he is crushed. Val shot the Siren dead in the eye, the main head jerks towards her and tosses her to the end of the dome Val is heard no more. Maggie and daisy stand alone and the Siren screeches as loud as possible shattered the dome and kills maggie.
Daisy is seen trying to revive the body of Val but she runs towards her master dead body. She sees the Sirens main head consuming Maggie’s body and is immediately called back into the dropship.

The team consoles Daisy but Daisy goes straight to her bed. Hyde comes in with flamethrower straps it to Daisy harness. Behind Hyde is someone " Daisy…" " Meet the new burgess, Wastleland Maggie" Parnell steps in " Now we seek revenge."

The End


Kaiju Name: R’luh n’gha

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Iconic Sound/Roar:

Eye Appearance: Reptilian, very similar to a crocodile. The light receptors in the eyes include cones and numerous rods, allowing it to see in color. Both horizontal and vertical slits in the eyes, allowing immense control over the amount of light that enters the eye. The iris is colored black, while the retina is coloured red (opposite from a human, where the iris is colored and the retina is black). It also has a nictitating membrane, which helps protect the eyes while still allowing light to pass through.

Head Appearance: A long, rather slender head, again similar to a crocodile’s head, with a very distinctively different upper and lower jaw:
The upper jaw is large and wide, colored dark blue with tints of red, with a big, somewhat triangular neck frill (in a fashion similar to a Diablos from monster hunter:)

Furthermore, 2 bony extensions form just after the frill (i.e. taking the previous example, about where the horns of the Diablos protrude). This is where the eyes are situated, 2 on each side (similar to Slattern:)
(note: while on Slattern the eyes are rather small, on R’luh n’gha, the eyes are about twice as big)
On the snout are 2 small fang-like protrusions, serving as a way to get more grip on a prey when biting it. When the mouth is closed, these fit perfectly over the lower jaw.
The lower jaw is overall a lot sleeker than the upper jaw, and is colored black. Just like with the upper jaw, at the tip of the lower jaw are 2 fangs, although these are bigger than those on the upper jaw. These act the same way as the ones in the upper jaw, namely to get extra grip on a prey, and these too fit perfectly over the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. The lower jaw is littered with razor sharp teeth, and the place where a human would have a tongue, R’luh n’gha has a special organ, which has a split end, and is used to produce electricity.
The teeth in the upper and lower jaw are pretty similar (in that, more forward in the jaw, the teeth tend to be thick and straight, while the further you move back, the thinner and more curved the teeth become), however, the upper jaw simply has way more teeth, as not only the jawbone, but everything (so including the palate) is covered in teeth, while the lower jaw only has teeth in the jawbone, since the rest of the lower jaw is taken up by the electrical organ.
Like said, the opening and closing of the mouth is a very sleek thing, and the jaws perfectly fit in each other; with the mouth closed, it is nigh impossible to see where the mouth would open:
The head is also where the primary brain is situated, which handles almost all bodily functions.
In the back of his throat is a special piece of skin that can close off his throat, preventing him from swallowing any water when he opens his mouth underwater.
Near the nose are a couple of hollow spots in the skull, with special organs in them; 2 are situated right next to the nose openings, while 2 more are slightly more towards the back of the head. The ones near the nose function similar to gills; they allow for (partial) underwater breathing. This process isn’t perfect though, which is where the second pair of organs kicks in: they filter and reuse any breathed out air, allowing him to do nearly 10 times longer with one single breath. However, he only has to recycle his breaths 3 times before his ‘nose gills’ have produced another breath worth of air. This system allows him to basically stay under water indefinitely.

Torso Appearance: Reminiscent of theropod dinosaurs; Long, somewhat slender bodies, oval shaped, ending in the neck on one end and ending in the tail on the other end. The entire body (including the primary arms, legs and tail, excluding the secondary arms and the tentacles) is covered in thick scales similar to osteoderms, while the secondary arms and the tentacles are covered in smoother, yet still pretty thick scales. The back of the torso is colored dark blue with tints of red, while the belly is colored black. Along the flanks of the body are faint red stripes running along the entire length of the torso.

Limb Appearance: R’luh n’gha has 6 main limbs, and a tail (which is made up of more limbs, but more on that later).
R’luh n’gha has 2 hind legs, again similar to a theropod: strong, powerful legs, with lots of muscles to be able to carry all the weight of the creature. The bone structure is very general (hips, knees and ankles), however, the joints are all very thick and strong. This is needed to make sure they stay together, since, contrary of a human’s joints, he can move his joints in ways that would rip apart joints in other creatures, thus having the need for thick joint capsules to keep the joints together, which results in the legs becoming bigger. He has t-rex like feet, but with 5 toes instead of 3, and 2 claws on the heels instead of 1. Inbetween the toes are membranes, which aid in traversing water. Toes end in big, bulky, pitch black claws. Legs are colored deep blue, with red stripes running along the flanks of the legs.
Higher up the body are 2 big forearms, with claws at the end. the arms themselves are bulky and muscular, having the same anatomy as a human, but again, with more flexible joints. The arms end in hands, with 4 fingers and 1 thumb-like finger, which in their turn end in big, curved, razor sharp claws. In between the fingers are membranes too, again to aid in swimming. The arms are colored dark blue, with red stripes running along the flanks of the arms (as is becoming usual)
Slightly below the primary arms is a second, smaller pair of arms. These are slimmer than the main set of arms, but with even more flexible joints. Instead of a human-like hand, these arms have 3 fingers in total, placed evenly from each other. These fingers however, are almost entirely made up of big, curved claws. When compared to the arms themselves, these claws are pretty big. Right above the arms, within the torso, is a third brain and a highly sensitive heat-sensing organ. This third brain has the sole use of controlling the secondary arms and, in conjunction with the heat organ, can (independently) process any objects that the secondary arms hold, allowing the other 2 brains to focus on more important matter. This second pair of arms kind of break the current coloring scheme, in that they are a fleshy white instead of the usual blue/red/black combination, while the claws are a deeply red color (nearly black).
Furthermore, R’luh n’gha has a tail, but I’ll get to more detail with that thing below:

Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: R’luh n’gha his tail is a special kind; instead of just one single tail, he has multiple, tentacle-like tails sprouting from a single point at the end of the relatively short tail (only around ¼ in length when compared to the the rest of the body). Totalling 12 in total, these tentacles al have a small lump at the end, with a large spike emerging from said lump. In between all the tentacles, at the point where they all sprout from, is another special organ, this time with a double split end, again used to produce electricity. The tentacles serve a variety of uses, from combat to movement. All the tentacles are black, with the spikes being colored dark red. Furthermore, an extension of the spine is situated throughout the tail (not the tentacles), which acts as a second brain; this brain takes care of everything electricity-related and the tentacles.

Element Associated with it: Electricity

Main Attack Ability: R’luh n’gha mainly fights with his arms, tail and mouth, which he uses to relentlessly pummel the enemy with a never ending onslaught or claws, teeth and spikes , only employing his special abilities if needed. His sheer size, agility and power allow him to overpower and kill anything that isn’t equal in size to him.

Secondary Attack/Special Ability: R’luh n’gha stabs his prey with all his tentacles in a way that the victim becomes completely engulfed by them. Then, held in place by the tentacles, R’luh n’gha charges up his electrical organ at the end of the tail, and electrocutes the enemy with a charge consisting of trillions upon trillions of volts, with currents of over 500 MA (mega ampere). This attack can also be done using the mouth, in a very similar fashion (when biting the enemy, discharging an electrical blast using the organ in the mouth), however, this attack is not as powerful as the one with the tail organ, but as a result, can be used more often, since the charge time is shorter.

Third Attack/Special Ability: Using his mouth-based organ in a more efficient manner, he charges up energy, which ultimately leads to a lighting blast coming from his mouth. About twice as powerful as a positive lightning strike (meaning a couple of billion volts and a current of up to 600 kA (kiloampere)), it has the ability to branch out and strike multiple opponents.

Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability (used only when in the most dire of circumstances to pull out a win): R’luh n’gha drills all of his tentacles into the ground, and charges up his tail organ. At the same time, he aims his head to the sky, opening his mouth, and charging his mouth organ. Over time, this leads to an immense charge building up in and around his body, until finally, it is released, resulting in a powerful shockwave of pure energy traveling outwards from his body, electrifying any non-insulating substances and simply melting or scorching others. This ability can also be used in the water, in which it has an even larger reach (since water tends to conduct energy better). All other effects remain the same.

Traversal/Movement Ability: When on land, R’luh n’gha uses his legs to walk around in a fashion similar to, again, theropods.

Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: When in the water, he either uses his primary arms and his legs to move around (when in shallow waters), or he uses his tail-tentacles to thrust himself through the water just like a octopus.

Escape Tactic: Whenever R’luh n’gha needs to retreat, he uses his excellent agility and speed to make a run towards the ocean, where he can simply submerge and quickly disappear, either for prolonged periods of time, or only temporarily, luring the enemy is a false sense of security. When retreating, the secondary brain keeps pummeling the enemy with the tentacles, either aiming to cripple the enemy’s movement or disorient him, thus slowing him down.

Special Powers: His thick hide makes him nearly immune to conventional weaponry, requiring advanced technology like railguns to even try and punch through his armour. Furthermore, he is resistant to any type of energy-based weapon, absorbing the power and using it to power his own special abilities. When idle, has an extremely low power consumption, thus allowing it survive on the bottom of the ocean for decades on end without food. In that time, a small ecosystem tends to form itself on his back, which he then lives in conjunction with, providing a safe haven for creatures and bacteria, in return for energy.

Back Story/Creation Legend: Nobody really knows where he comes from, or how he was created. Some people believe R’luh n’gha served as inspiration for such mythical creatures as the Leviathan, or Jörmungandr. R’luh n’gha himself is ancient at the very least, and has seen the human race evolve from apes to slightly more sophisticated apes. When the humans started spreading across the world and building civilizations, he retreated back into the ocean, all the way down into the Mariana Trench, where he has been lying ever since. Hibernating, waiting for… something. He was not quite sure yet what either. However, when the human race started to advance in technology, the pollution they produced became more and more, until it started to affect R’luh n’gha as well. Soon, his own little ecosystem was destroyed. As such, he has risen from his slumber, actively feeding on the larger creatures that the sea holds. Humans didn’t notice him until 1997, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) picked up one of his roars in the south pacific. Research followed, and soon, humans found out about R’luh n’gha. Feared of such a giant creature, humanity attacked him using a couple of nuclear submarines. These subs and their crew were never heard of again, and soon, the signature of the creature started to move towards the mainland…

Worst Enemy: Targets which make use of insulating substances pose a significant problem, as most of his attacks are centered around electricity. Targets utilizing diamond armour are especially difficult to fight, as diamond is a pretty good insulator and is a very strong material as well, granting high resistance against both physical attacks and lightning attacks.

Goal in Life: Ever since he has been somewhat forced into hiding, he has had a grudge towards human kind. When humankind wrecked his ecosystem, he started hating the humans. Finally, when the humans attacked him, he snapped, and made it his goal to rid the earth of humans once and for all. Humankind however, with their high adaptability, had some powerful cards still at hand, making them more of a challenge then R’luh n’gha initially thought…

Preferred Food Source: When he is not at rest, whales and big sharks. Any giant creature really. He isn’t that picky.

Manner of Feeding: When in rest, he lives in harmony with the small ecosystem forming on his back; the creatures on his back have a home, and they provide the ‘home’ with food. Because he is at rest, he barely needs any energy, and as such, can actually live from said creatures. At times he might gobble up a sperm whale who got to close to his mouth. When the bigger ecosystem (i.e. the ocean itself) goes haywire, he starts to move, feeding on bigger prey. He then eats whales and big sharks mostly, depending on the depth he is at.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:
“I saw it!”
“It’s alive!”
“It’s huge!”
These were only few of the comments made by people running past me. I, alongside everyone else, was terrified to the bone. When the military gave us orders to evacuate, we didn’t think it was necessary. After all, what could be so worse eh? We’ve survived hurricanes, there can’t be anything worse than that right? Oh how wrong we were. When the military rolled into town, we became scared. This maybe wasn’t as innocent as we thought it would be. In a few days, the first shots were heard, and soon we were forced to leave our home and head for the nearest shelter. And here we are, waiting for others so we can close the doors. Suddenly, I heard a agonizing screech, followed by a loud thump and a tremendous roar. I quickly dashed out to see what was going on. Before I could do that however, the ground started to shake, and the way ahead collapsed. I turned around, and head back to the shelter, with others closing the doors behind me as I entered.

R’luh n’gha had been making quite a mess so far, destroying everything in sight. The humans around him were either crushed or just ignored altogether. That is, until a loud screech was heard. R’luh n’gha was smacked to the ground and roared, but quickly regained footing. He turned around, and looked right at a giant shining, ape-like thing. Before R’luh n’gha could react, the creature lunged at him and started bashing him with his fist. R’luh n’gha responded by clawing at the creature’s face, and stabbing him with his tentacles. He managed to throw the creature off, and shot a bolt of lighting towards the creature. The creature however, didn’t seem to bother a single bit, and lunged back at R’luh n’gha. R’luh n’gha quickly managed to turn around and bind together all of his tentacles to form one big spear. This pierced the creature’s body, and he fell to the ground, dead. Wounded as well, R’luh n’gha walked back into the ocean, to recover from his injuries, as he pondered about what just attacked him, and where it came from…

Kudos to the ones who know what the name means, and who are able to find the (multiple) references I made :grin:


Kaiju Name: Sirius
Gender: Male
Age: Undetermined
Iconic Sound/Roar: Is a mix of a Tiger’s roar and a wolf’s howl.

Eye Appearance: Slit like a big cat’s eye, white with a blue hint to it surrounding the black.
Head Appearance: Has the overall structure of a wolf but has fangs of a lion, has loose patchy hair with naked spots on it’s forehead.
Torso Appearance: Very agile, it has a long-ish body with lots of long fur on it, has 2 rows of long quills that can bend depending on it’s state of plasma charge (rises up when charging/charged). The tail is not very long and is covered by very short quills.
Limb Appearance: It’s legs are exceptionally long, with it being a very fast runner. It has sharp claws able to easily grab onto buildings, land, etc. Legs are able to bend to where the creature is able to fit in very small spaces to crawl.
Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: Other than the tail and quills, nothing else of importance.

Element Associated with it: Plasma
Main Attack Ability: It mainly uses it’s sharp fangs to bite the enemy and cause lasting damage (bleeding), it is able to latch onto large monsters and uses body weight to pull the monster a certain way.
Secondary Attack/Special Ability: Plasma Shotgun: Uses a short ranged wave of plasma that can do a number on the foe depending on how close the foe is and how much of the plasma hits the monster. When fired Sirius’ quills glow purple for a split second.
Third Attack/Special Ability: N/A
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: (used only when in the most dire of circumstances to pull out a win) Plasma Overload: Sirius overloads its body with plasma so that it becomes faster, it’s bite leaves burns and a small flame on the enemy, and it’s plasma breath gets even more powerful.
Traversal/Movement Ability: It mostly relies on running around, it is very agile and is able to make right turns especially well.
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Sirius is able to climb on almost any surface it can get it’s claws into, buildings, mountains, etc.
Escape Tactic: Sirius likes to use tunnels and other areas few can follow to crawl through as an escape route (or an ambush)
Special Powers: Sirius has a natural resistance to heat based attacks, like fire, lightning, plasma, etc.

Back Story/Creation Legend: Sirius was a creature that was created by unknown circumstances, it originated from Europe, it is thought to be a creature from before the humans and thrived during the Ice Age. It inspired the legend of Fenrir.
Worst Enemy: Anything that threatens Sirius’ life is a threat, no real arch nemesis.
Goal in Life: Survive and hunt.
Preferred Food Source: Air, it keeps itself alive by turning the surrounding air into plasma which then energizes the creature.
Manner of Feeding: Inhaling.

It was an intense fight in the jungle island of Larango, it was a small island in the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, with a large waterfall off to the inland. Sirius was fighting to survive against Abomination, a large eyeless kaiju that was 3 times larger than Sirius and was able to spit a white acid. Sirius had the advantage of speed and was able to dart around, using the trees as cover and for a place to jump from, but Abomination needn’t to see her opponent, for she could both hear and sense Sirius through thermal. Sirius wasn’t making much progress on hurting the kaiju, his plasma wasn’t breaking through the tough skin and he was taking a beating from the larger kaiju. In an attempt to bring the fight into his favor, Sirius leaped from a large tree and bit down on the Abomination’s shoulder, attempting to use his body weight to topple the foe near the waterfall. Not expecting the attack, the kaiju knocked the mammal off but not before crashing into the waterfall itself, revealing an entrance to a cave system inside.

Sirius knowing it is outmatched, retreated to the caves to prepare, thanks to it’s nimble legs and body it was able to crawl through with ease. Enraged Abomination covered the wall with white, leaving burn parks and some erosion on the wall. Knowing that it has no other choice, it rammed into the wall repeatedly, cracking the walls and opening up several exits. Sirius is frantically crawling through the cave system, hearing the commotion outside deciding to find a high ground. He started to climb upwards, and then stops before exiting the tunnel. He saw Abomination outside, roaring while it rams itself into the wall, Sirius readying his attack, he leapt out, ready to take his enemy down.

The Abomination cried out in agony, Sirius bit and sank it fangs right into his foes’ neck, not letting go for he would die. His quills started to glow purple for a short split of a second and then plasma entered inside Abomination’s body. Sirius repeated this 3 times, each time the enemy crying out in pain with red lights glowing all over the creature’s back. Sirius leapt off, for his enemy was little bit more than dead, standing with its it’s insides burned to a crisp. Sirius readied his body, ran, leapt, and then pushed the kaiju into the wall, acid coming out of it’s mouth and onto the wall. Sirius standed there panting, watched as Abomination disintegrated from it’s own acid. He howled, and then ran off to return to the mainland.


Name: Banshee
Gender: female
Age: unkown
Iconic sound: deafening scream
Eye appearance: all white, big
Head apperence: Black, huge mouth at bottom of face, 2 big all white eyes, set up like human face but with larger eyes and mouth
Torso appearance: black, with white veins clearly visible,
Limb appearance: not thick not thin, between behemoth and gorgon size, almost human like but bigger, black with white veins showing.
More about apperence: 5 long white claws on each hand. Nothing from hips down except for a cloud of black smoke. Looks like a huge human.
Looks recap giant human like creature, black with visable white veins,all white eyes, eyes and mouth big, lots of sharp pointed teeth, hips down is black smoke. Long white hair.
Element: smoke/sound (not really an element)
Attack 1: scream: main damage dealer and knocks back hunters
Attack 2: smoke: makes cloud of black smoke surrounding Banshee and small area around, Only Banshee can see through
Attack 3: smoke orbs: throws an orb that when hits a surface or hunters emits a black smoke that blinds hunters while they are in it, hunters outlined in white when in smoke orb
Attack 4: soul snatch: when aimed at hunter, hunter floats towards Banshee quickly, takes little health from hunter.

Tranversal: dash: floats quickly in direction Banshee is pointed at
back story unknown, thought to be a myth, until now.
enimies kills all who have impure souls, believes all humans are not pure and can never become pure.
Goal rid all impure souls from sheer
prefered food source all impure (basicly the hunters) will still eat wildlife because it will help her destroy the hunters.
eating white light emits from the dead body and is sucked into Banshee’s mouth, body is left behind after wards, can’t be revived from Laz device still, body is still there because it feeds on souls

battle with enemy(most impure hunters)
(Thoughts translated)I can feel their souls. Smell their souls. Yet they they run after me with guns. I do not know their names nor do I care. My only goal is to rid the planet of all those that are impure. They are coming closer. I hear them talk in an unknown language. They put a giant glowing force field around me. Good. Now they are trapped in with my fully evolved form. I form a smoke screen around my self. They can’t see me but I see them. I scream at one that wields fire and he goes flying back. He looks injured but he’s not down yet. I focus on him. He is the most impure. He throws a device emiting green smoke at me. It stings in my lungs but I must kill the impure. I slash at him with my class and he goes down. I throw a smoke orb at the other hunters while I finish him off. The smoke has worn off and a laser is falling from the sky. I dash away from it but it moves slowly towards me. I can no longer smell their souls. A man that looks like a bug must have shot something different at me. I make him quickly float to me. I put smoke around him and I while I pounce on him. He is on the ground shortly. Then he disappears. Along with everyone else. The bug man in the ground shoots at me and is no longer invisible. I scream at him and he goes tumbling back. He is now dead. One of the two left engages me while the other shields him. I must get the one with the shield first. I dash at the force field man and slash at him. He tries to fly away so I pull him towards me. I scream at the other human so I can pounce on the shield man. He is on the ground. One left. The lone survivor throws an orb at me that slows me and wraps me in purple lines. I draw him towards me then pounce on him. He went down just like the rest. I devour all their souls. 4 down. 1 planet to go.


Kaiju Name: Waddles
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years (3,000,000,000 years our time)
Iconic Sound/Roar: MLG Air horn (
Appearance: An adorable,fat and tan pug with a green turtle shell and air horns on swivel joints duct taped to the shell <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/0/8/08caa753cec89dd8c9da12655e7bad9169be4526.png" width="660"
Height: 25 ft
Length: 60 ft
Element Associated with it: Cuddles, Air/Gas, and Sound
Main Attack Ability: Sonic Air Horn Wave
Secondary Attack/Special Ability: Waddle Tackle
Third Attack/Special Ability: Fart Gas
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: Fart-Air horn overload (strength of a Hydrogen Bomb)
Traversal/Movement Ability: Air horn jet pack (works underwater and the air horns turn backwards toward his tail and plays Air Horn Darude Sandstorm (
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Waddling (Main Movement)
Escape Tactic: Makes his enemies temporally deaf with his air horns and waddles away
Special Powers: Poops Donuts
Personality: He is derpy, clumsy, and stumbles over buildings
How the Idea Started: I thought that if I would be a Kaiji, this is what I would be.
Back Story: A meteor crashed to earth back when the dinosaurs existed and out came Waddles and he survived on donuts. (He met a guy and the guy found out how to make donuts from Waddles)
Worst Enemy:N/A
Goal in Life: Eat literally tons of donuts and bring MLG joy to the world
Preferred Food Source: DONUTS!!!
Manner of Feeding: Eating with his mouth


Kaiju Name: Messa
Gender: Male
Iconic Sound/Roar: cross between lion and bear. With a humming \echoing effect

Eye Appearance: has striking eyes that looks like mini galaxies. His right eye has a more bluish galaxy, and his left has a more greenish. He also have abnormal gold pupils that slightly glow.

Head Appearance; very similar to a Chinese dragon. With two canine fangs that are very pronounced and shaped like lightning bolts. His snout is also shorter then a typical Chinese dragon giving his face a more human esque quality. He also has a main that gives him appearance of have long hair and also a beard. He also has a set of spiraling horns that protude straight up out of his forehead. They are spread wide apart.

Torso Appearance: has a very humanoid looking body with broad shoulders and visible pecs and abs. His torso is on the more leaner side. His pecs and abs are covered in scales similar to the ones on the bottom of snakes. Another noticeable feature he has is a huge mouth on his stomach the mouth has no lips so you can see the sharp jagged teeth.

Limb Appearance: he has two sets of upper limbs. The first set his more humamoid in its structure and ends in hands with three clawed fingers and a opposable clawed thumb. Down the the sides of each of its forearms is a tuft of spikey fur.

His second set of arms are position right behind is first set. The are noticebly thicker and long and resemble sloth arms and need in there very thick sloth like claws.

His lower limbs is that of basically an octopus. Starting at his lower hip his body segements into 9 long tentacles. He is able to bring the tentacles together to make it seem like he has a serpentine lower body.

Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: has an exoskeletal spine that starts at his neck and stops right before his tentacles. Connect to the spine is an exoskeletal rib cage that wraps around the side of its torso. The don’t connect in the middle. And only wrap around its sides.

Element Associated with it: Matter manipulation

Main Attack Ability: crushings claws. It uses its second set of claws as weapons and slashes with them.

**Secondary Attack/Special Ability: elemental breathe. He his able to breathe fire, shoot lightning, shoot powerful streams of water. Sand storms and many other things from its mouth

third Attack/Special Ability: mother nature. He his able to make the earth its self attack. In many ways like ensnaring foes ins trees, swallowing foes up in fissures, tsunamis. Etc.

Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: obliterate. messa is able to shoot a beam out of the mouth on its stomach. This beam is made of antimatter, and will erase any matter it touches.

Using this ability severely weakens messa, and since he gives the energy the earth needs to sustain itself. Using this ability will cause the earth to go into a minor ice age like state. Life will continue to live but be a little more difficult.
Messa will slowly recover and so would the earth.

Traversal/Movement Ability: despite having tentacles he can move very fast on the ground he slides on water he creates to allow him to move very quickly.

Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: he brings his tentacles together to form what looks like a serpentine body. He his then bale to fly. Like Chinese dragons

Escape Tactic: N\A

Special Powers: messa can freely manipulate matter. This is how he formed the earth.

Back Story/Creation Legend: Messa is said to be a very rare type of kaiju called an eridu, no one knows the exact origins of eridus. But many legends say they appeared shortly after the universe was created. They have the ability to make planets, they actually can create planets faster then planets that formed naturally.

They also don’t create just ordinary planets they create planets that can sustain life. Messa actually formed the earth itself, and became its core. It fed earth the energy it needed to create and sustain life. Messa is the earths protector and provider, it sleeps in the core of the earth.

Worst Enemy: Anki’s, another type of kaiju that actually will land on a planet and start to eat it piece by piece. They travel in swarms and are like locust of the universe. They don’t have a preference on a planets, They can have life on it (planets created by eridu’s), or planets with no life. They will still eat the planet.

Goal in Life: Messa’s goal in life is to maintain, protect and provide for earth.

Preferred Food Source: Doesn’t eat.

Manner of Feeding: Despite having an actual mouth, it has never been shown to use it to eat.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy: messa has been fighting off the anki easy, but it starts to get to the point where he is beginning to get out number by there huge horde. They began to overwhelm messa, they dart in and out taking turns biting and slashing messa.

Messa is still able to take a numerous amount of them out with swings from his giant claws. But there’s more replacing every one he cuts down. He then charges up a big lightning bolt in his mouth and releases it dropping a huge amount out of the sky. But more anki fill in there’s spots, and the ones knocked to the ground start crawling towards messa and still attack him.

At this point he just overwhelmed and the anki just cover him up to try finish him off. Messa then release air cannon from its mouth that knocks all the anki back. He then maintains a stream of powerful air that is coming from his mouth. He start to herd the anki in the air into a big group.

Once there all up in a tight cluster he opens the mouth on its stomach and releases a huge beam of anti matter into the air towards them. As soon as it hits them it basically just desinergrates them. He maintains the beam long enough to kill all of the anki.

Once there all killed he precede to go back into the earth via a cave. You can visibly see how exhausted he is. Once he gets to the core of the planet he rolls up into a ball and goes to sleep. On the surface of the planet you can see chilly gust of air all around the planet.


Kaiju Name: Ovarinax
Gender: Neither
Age: Approx. 160,000,000 years old
Iconic Sound/Roar: The sound of escaping gas, it cannot generate sound other than that

Eye Appearance: None, however it senses organisms through an advanced form of kinesthesis that allows the Ovarinax to detect moving objects in a certain proximity.

Head Appearance: There is no head of the creature necessarily as the body is conjoined without any visible indication of where things are, but the upper body is expansive like a blimp and fills with gas allowing the creature to drift through the atmosphere when mobile. At the top of the expanding sac is a toothy maw where pointed black teeth usually remain closed to allow the Ovarinax to remain in a blimp-like state without gas escaping easily. In simplistic terms the upper body is like an upsidedown onion with jaws on the top.

Torso Appearance: Below the upper body is a extension of fleshy deflated skin which houses internal organs, but connects a spherical second sac that dangles from the bottom of the Ovarinax. Overall the color of the upper and lower body are a sickly greenish yellow.

Limb Appearance: Attached to the upper air sac are two lanky, and long arms that extend down past the second sac with three fingers on each. These do not see much use other than for anchoring the main body to the surface of a planet, and usually only dangle from the upper body.

Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: N/A

Element Associated with it: Air

Main Attack Ability: The pestilent force of the organism renders its lanky arms incredibly deadly to touch, as the decomposing almost acidic properties of the creature also transmit through its body.

Secondary Attack/Special Ability: The gas that the Ovarinax secretes (The maw cannot keep all of the gas contained as it seeps through the teeth) from the upper sac is filled with decomposing micro-organisms that break down organic matter at an alarming rate, so getting close to the floating alien is generally not advisable.

Third Attack/Special Ability: The second hanging sac serves as a biological factory for a symbotic organism that serves the Ovarinax. These organisms are worm like in appearance and have a mustard color to their fleshy skin and are about the size of limo. The worms consume organic material and secrete decomposed nutrients through their excrement that they leave behind, serving as food source for the Ovarinax. When consuming worlds the Ovarinax roots into the surface with its maw and mass produces these worms which actively create an area of decay around the creature, allowing it to feed from the soil with ease.

Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: Work in Progress

Traversal/Movement Ability: The expanding upper sac of the Ovarinax allows its light body to float gently in the atmosphere like a blimp.

Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: In the effort of moving through space the Ovarinax opens its maw to let out a bursts of gas which propels in any direction the maw is leaning from.

Escape Tactic: The Ovarinax, when threatened, doubles gas production rate in order to drift higher into the atmosphere, and eventually into space.

Special Powers: Feeding allows the Ovarinax to regenerate combat damage, however this means that it must enter its grounded state, not ideal for dealing with Kaiju threats.

Back Story/Creation Legend: In a distant galaxy on a planet far away, decomposers evolved until Ovarinax was the apex of the ecosystem. However the constant growth of the organism demanded more nutrients in order to survive so it evolve even further until it reached a maximum size of 65 meters in height and about 50 meters in width. After rooting and consuming the planet it spawned on, it took to the atmosphere and drifted through space until finding its next host world…

Worst Enemy: The Ovarinax is not akin to fighting other kaiju and would rather consume the planet, however another huge organism would only draw the alien to want to consume it through need. However a kaiju using fire abilities will halt regenerative properties of the creature by created scar tissue, which requires more time to heal overall.

Goal in Life: To consume until nothing is left of a planet, then to move onto the next one.

Preferred Food Source: Decomposed life and minerals

Manner of Feeding: Rooting itself in the surface of a planet with the upper body maw, releasing a continuous stream of decomposing gas into the soil and surrounding area, allowing it to draw from the decaying nutrients.

^My horrible rendition of what this looks like. Ignore the defiled Monsters Inc. guy arms and spider egg sac attached. Obviously the upper body is a bit more blimp like and a little larger, and it is all the greenish yellow color, and not a mixture. I’m sorry for this.


Kaiju Name: Anthropinoid (Pronounced An Thraw Pin Oid)
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Iconic Sound/Roar: A barely audible hissing/crackling noise

Eye Appearance: Insect-Like in appearance, like that of a hornet. 9 eyes, 4 on each side, one large eye in the middle of the “forehead”. The smaller eyes are all glossy black, and the large eye in the middle is Dark Red. No Pupils.

Head Appearance: Black, Spider-Like Mandibles. Hairy, like a tarantula.
Torso Appearance: Pale White, but mostly covered in black armor, like a beetle. Then it goes backwards like a centaur. When it goes back to where the horse tail would be on a real centaur, It instead turns into a spider’s abdomen
Limb Appearance: 8 spider legs, 4 on each side. 4 in the front, 4 in the back. Two large, muscular arms sprout out of the shoulders. The “arms” should be like Behemoth’s from Evolve.
Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: N/A

Element Associated with it: Earth
Main Attack Ability: Surprise attack from inside it’s Trap-Door Burrow
Secondary Attack/Special Ability: Claw Swipe/Melee
Third Attack/Special Ability: Releases spores which infect newly killed victims and effectively turns them into mind-controlled zombies, but rebuilds destroyed tissue, to make the “Zombie” blend into society.
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: (used only when in the most dire of circumstances to pull out a win) Opens up 9th eye, which turns everyone within a 3 mile radius into "Zombies"
Traversal/Movement Ability: Burrowing underground. What else can I say?
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Climbing.
Escape Tactic: Burrowing underground.
Special Powers: Extremely Deadly Venom.

Back Story/Creation Legend: Experimentation with trapdoor spiders lead to the development of this deadly being
Worst Enemy: Giant Bugspray Cans? LOL
Goal in Life: To effectively turn Earth into a giant burrow.
Preferred Food Source: Any large land-dwelling mammal.
Manner of Feeding: Like how a Trap Door Spider feeds. It kills, and then brings it back to it’s burrow, where it will either be saved for later or eaten immediately.
Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy: I will fill this in over time,


Kaiju Name: Zvykak
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (2,720 years old)
Iconic Sound/Roar: He is silent for the most part. However, if threatened or in pain, he can warn predators that are too close with short, rapid, quiet clicks. (clicking noise at 2:25)

Eye Appearance: Zvykak has small, round-pupil, orange eyes. He does not rely on sight, so his eyes are small and can often only pick up signs of heat or mild light.
Head Appearance: Zvykak has a narrow head with a curved beaked snout. The line of spines that it has starts near the upper forehead. His head is a hazy mixture of browns and greens almost smothered by gray. His nose was large and very complex as he relies quite a bit on smell. His tongue is long and slender and, quite like a snake, can ‘taste’ smell. Small venom glands in his mouth can secrete a neurotoxin that stuns or paralyzes prey. He has two teeth twice the size of the rest in his mouth just behind his beak that are hollow and conduct the venom. The rest of his teeth are dense, small, and pointed backwards to keep meat from escaping.
Torso Appearance: He has a long, slender body built for running. Long spines go from his head to the tip of his tail. These long spines can be flattened to his back, but he rarely ever does. As he doesn’t rely on sight and mostly prowls misty nights, he has to rely on scent and feeling. So he picks up on the shifting or curving of wind that runs through his long, slender, sensitive spikes. He can detect which way the wind is blowing and if obstacles, moving or fixed, bend the wind’s path. Zvykak’s smooth skin is a blend of browns and greens muffled by gray.
Limb Appearance: Zvykak rarely uses his arms. So they are small and can flatten to his chest. However, his fingers and talons are long. He can use them when climbing or gripping onto surfaces. His long legs are perfect for running and jumping. His giant, splayed paws with long talons can keep him running through soggy environments as well as solid.
Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: His tail is long and acts as a counterbalance. The spikes on his tail are hard and act more as defense than any sensory organ. He has long ‘tail feathers’ at the tip of his tail. These help him navigate in a more wind-favorable direction. They can also help keep him balanced when leaping for long distances or off of tall platforms like a bird.

Element Associated with it: Earth, Venom
Main Attack Ability: Zvykak isn’t too aggressive. He is a wanderer and mainly preys on small creatures. However, when pushed to fighting, he prefers ambush. Zvykak will often jump or climb tall objects and pounce on his attacker. His beak can easily tear flesh. He uses his front paws and claws to dig into the predator’s hide to keep balance. His back paws keep his grip on the predator as well, but can also be used to tear at flesh. Due to the dirt and muck and other substances that get onto his claws, this can lead to infection in the predator if it survives.
Secondary Attack/Special Ability: If the assailant’s hide is too thick to draw blood, Zvykak will try and choke the attacker. His jaw muscles are strong so, if tearing isn’t good enough, he will either snap the creature’s neck or close its windpipe to stop breathing.
Third Attack/Special Ability: Zvykak isn’t a fighter, so he has very little outside of biting and scratching. However, he is intelligent and, if all else fails, will try to lure his assailant into a nature-provided trap such as a cliff or deep pool. Here Zvykak can either push objects down to pin or injure the assailant, or to drown the attacker. If the attacker cannot climb or get out of the trap, Zvykak will leave them to death by starvation, dehydration, drowning or whatever else nature can provide.
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: (used only when in the most dire of circumstances to pull out a win) If incredibly threatened and no other tactic will work, Zvykak will inject his venom into his attacker. This venom will leave the attacker stunned or paralyzed for a short period of time. From here, Zvykak can flee. However, this is only used in dire emergencies as his venom takes a while to regenerate. So he’ll either starve for the remaining time or be forced to exhaust his energy into biting and scratching prey to death. The latter will risk injury.
Traversal/Movement Ability: Zvykak can traverse long distances by running in both firm ground and marshy or otherwise unstable ground. His paws can either be splayed to allow marshy traversal or close together to allow stiff ground traversal.
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: His strong hind legs also allow him to jump far distances. Due to his tail acting like a balance and his tail tip acting as a rudder in the air, he can easily jump off of tall places without losing balance.
Escape Tactic: Zvykak lives in the darkness of night and prefers being in mist or fog. He is also very agile. So, if he needs to escape, he will either outrun his danger or blend into his environment.
Special Powers: Zvykak doesn’t have any special powers. He has a neurotoxin in his venom that can stun or paralyze creatures for a short time. Though it is potent enough to stun very large creatures, he only has a short supply so he uses it in very small, weaker quantities most of the time.

Back Story/Creation Legend: Not many people know for sure how he came to be. Zvykak is a very young, short-lived creature in terms of creatures that can last for hundreds of thousands or even millions or years. He is also weak compared to others. Many think that he was a genetically mutated raptor that came back from extinction via genes in modern birds. Some speculate that he was mutated by pollution. However, none of these are true. He was created to be a monster-hunting companion for famous monster-hunters. However, the scientist who made him only made one of him as a test. His research was scrapped and made anew when the scientist’s commissioner didn’t like how small and weak Zvykak looked to be. Although the argument was that the scientist didn’t want Zvykak to be a threat to humans, he was quickly brushed away. The commissioner wanted to destroy Zvykak as, at this moment of time, he was technically illegal due to lack of authorization at the time of creation. Due to his intelligence and self-preservation, Zvykak was able to escape destruction and flee into the wild.
Worst Enemy: Zvykak doesn’t have too many enemies as he is too weak to be hated and eats too little to be seen as a threat. So his only enemy would be the bounty hunters hired to slay him before the rest of humanity can figure out what really happened.
Goal in Life: Zvykak’s only goal in life to permanently slip away from his human hunters so that he can live in relative peace.
Preferred Food Source: Zvykak often eats small animals like mice, voles, cats, foxes, or even large insects or arachnids.
Manner of Feeding: Zvykak’s sharp beak can cut through skin, flesh, and medium-strength hides. His jaws are strong and can snap through bone. So, after killing his prey, he tears through skin and breaks bone as to quickly get to the inner muscle and organs.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:
Zvykak raised his head and sniffed the air. His long, sensitive spikes twitched as a current of night-cooled air breathed past him. The star light would soon be over and give way to dawn. He couldn’t stay awake at dawn. The memory of bright lights caused the stinging ghost-pain of his memories to hurt his eyes again. Zvykak nearly set his head down to burrow into the fox burrow he had recently cleared and stolen. However, he did not crawl into bed to sleep despite the dimming stars warning him of the dawn. No, instead he froze and twitched his spines and nose. The wind had shifted. The faint scent of oil almost completely masked by nature-mimicking chemicals assaulted his nose. His foggy eyes picked up the distant shape of humans. The growl of a hound and vibrations of heavy paws and boots hit the ground.
Zvykak attempted to flatten himself and slink into his burrow. However, the heavy sniff of the hound reminded him that camouflage wouldn’t save him. So, he spun around and darted away. The dog barked and, without a leash to restrain him, sprinted after the small raptor. Zvykak leaped and caught onto a large oak tree before them. With some difficulty, he clawed his way up to a lower branch and stopped. The dog skittered as he nearly ran past him and started clawing at the tree as well. His flurry of savage barks quieted the forest and gave his human companion a direction to move. Zvykak’s head swiveled between the dog and the direction of the hunter. Oh he couldn’t just sit in this tree forever. They’d catch him. Then he’d be dead. What would he do? He couldn’t run from them. He would tire and eventually be caught. The dog already had his scent. The human was well under way.
Zvykak’s thoughts were shattered as the dog leaped and nearly bit the branch that he stood on. Without a breath wasted, Zvykak clicked and jumped to another branch nearby. The dog fell onto all four paws and attempted to dart to the next tree. However, Zvykak was no longer in the tree. Now he was on the dog’s back. All twelve talons dug into the yelping canine’s hide and his beak snapped shut on the hunting hound’s neck. Zvykak jumped off of his dead predator and turned to look in the direction of the hunter. However, he clicked in blazing agony as the flashlight the hunter held flicked on and blinded him. He shook his head and darted away. The hunter attempted to give chase. However, despite his pain, Zvykak easily slipped away from the slow, houndless hunter.


Kaiju Name: Stygia
Gender: indeterminate
Age: immeasurable
Iconic Sound/Roar:

Eye Appearance: Narrow glowing purple eyes sunken in its sockets

Head Appearance: almost dragon like but covered in a bone like chitin. Mainly composed of a single plate that fans out into crown like spikes toward the back of the head. Head plating a little bit like this but without the horns and less of the extra plating at the back.

Teeth are like this.

Torso Appearance: Covered in plating that’s looks like a cros between bone and shrapnel. Colour of plating is mainly a metallic grey with a few white highlights. Strange etched symbols and markings can be seen all over them and has a purple glow to them. Body shape is that of an upright humanoid reptile. Seen between the gaps of its plating is a dark purple, almost black, organic matter that is molded into the shape of a muscular structure. Broad in the chest and shoulders but narrow at the waist, it has a slender long neck. Fanning out from its back are four large blade like obsidian protrusions that stick up diagonally and down diagonally in an X formation. They have an unsettling sheen to them and almost seem like crude wings. Looks kinda like this except with more plating covering most of the body and a more dragon-like frame and a little slimmer.

Limb Appearance: Long slender arms except for the forearms which are thicker then normal as it nears the wrist, with large three fingered hands (not including the thumb) with long fingers ending in sinister talons. Legs are digitigrade that taper thin at the end, and ending in daintily small talons. They are generally curled as it never touches the ground due to it hovering ever so slightly.

Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: Long skeletal tail with a wicked bladed tip that has an irregularly jagged edge to it.

Element Associated with it: Chaos

Main Attack Ability: Nemesis Beam: fires a beam of an unknown energy

Secondary Attack/Special Ability: Hostile Alteration: changes parts of it bodies (primarily it arms and hands) into either a Melee or Energy weapons

Third Attack/Special Ability: Nega Bomb: Throws spheres of antimatter that implode on impact

Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: (used only when in the most dire of circumstances to pull out a win) Gate to the Abyss: Opens it torso revealing a Dark Star at its core. This star rapidly expands into a large black hole, consuming most of its body except for its head and its arms which are unaffected by the gravitational pull. The black hole will continue to consume and grow until the planet its on is completely destroyed. The black hole reverts back to a dark star and Stygia reconstructs its body from all of the matter that was consumed.

Traversal/Movement Ability: hovers slightly above the ground and weightlessly moves around.

Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: levitates high into the air and flies around

Escape Tactic: Phases to into its own pocket dimension to recuperate, or if hurt badly enough to hibernate. To the unknowing it would appear to fade away and would presume it destroyed.

Special Powers: All organic matter (including living organisms) within a certain distance of it will become corrupted and rapidly mutate into grotesque abominations. The corruption follows Sygia’s will and seeks out other organic matter to infect. In time the infected matter will spread and even fuse with inorganic matter. The matter will also merge togtether to form all sorts of powerful nightmarish monster, some may even reach Kaiju size.

Back Story/Creation Legend: Various ancient legends throughout the universe, make reference to this horror. From this it is hypothesized that it is from the dark abyss that existed before the universe was formed. Over the eons the residual life energy radiating from the universe changed the being, causing it to have an insatiable craving for this energy. As time continued on it slowly drew upon the energy causing the decline of several ancient races. Eventually its influence grew strong enough that it began to have a more direct effect. Unnatural aberrations of nature began to crop up and led to terrible abominations taking form. Some of the oldest Kaiju are believed to have stemmed from this. Finally, enough energy was consumed that Stygia was able to take physical form and entire worlds were corrupted it’s life forms consumed. The creature would then disappear, likely in hibernation, before it would reappear on another world decades later. Pray that it never finds Earth.

Worst Enemy: Vija Omega an aritificial Kaiju made by an ancient alien race for the sole purpose of destroying Stygia. It has the unique ability to store it’s conciousness and power in a pocket dimension upon death. After a period of recuperation it can “download” itself into a new life form. However only Kaiju have strong enough bodies to contain its power for long. Any being it posses will be immune to the corruptive effects of Stygia. It has tried many times to kill Stygia but none of its hosts were strong enough to last long against it.

Goal in Life: Consume or Corrupt all life
Preferred Food Source: Lifeforce
Manner of Feeding: absorbing Lifeforce through inhalation or through corrupted matter it touches drawing in Lifeforce connected to said matter.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:

Awakening from its stasis, the being Vija Omega senses its nemesis becoming active, and has begun to infect yet another world. Immediately the being seeks out this world to find a new vessel for itself. Hopefully one strong enough to slay the horror once and for all. As it approaches the planet it already sees that half of it has already been warped and twisted by the creatures power. But there it spots a large life form, managing to stay alive despite the encroaching corruption. Immediately Vija begins to infuse itself into the being called Krimgol.

Meanwhile, the terrifying horror Stygia, finishes consuming a large collection of life energy within what once was a city. The alien city now slowly changing as organic flesh and sinew of creatures ;mutated by Stygia, begin merging with the city. Stygia looks on, basking in the ecstasy of the energy it has consumed. But it’s, not enough, still it craves for more to fill its unending hunger. Movement catches its eye as the Kaiju it had been toying with emerges from hiding. It’s body begins to change and grow, and a symbol it recognizes appears on Krimgol’s chest. Stygia’s age old enemy has returned and now stands before the horror Omega Krimgol. Immediately the armoured titan charges at Stygia, brandishing its horn that blazes with a new energy . The horror’s arm grows into a wicked blade that it swings down at Omega. With a clash they collide, and the impact knocks both away from each other. Omega bellows in challenge, only to hastily dodge to the side, as Stygia hurls a black orb at it. It misses the beast only to strike a building, and with a howling implosion a large chunk vanishes as if it had never existed. Rapidly Omega dodges left and right, as Stygia rises in to the air and rains down even more black spheres of death. One of the implosions clips Omega sending him careening in to the side of a building, a section of armour gone. As Stygia moves in closer, now brandishing enormous claws, Omega slams its tail into the building. With a loud rumble, it comes crashing down on the both of them.

All is silent for a minute, until a few miles away, omega comes tunnelling out from the ground, having burrowed away just before the building impacted. A great roar is heard and the fallen building explodes into a cloud of rumble. Emerging from the cloud is Stygia, it’s eyes now glowing a bright purple, looking damaged but really angry. Large metallic protrusions on its back fan out like butterfly wings and begin to glow and produces a sound like dry ice on metal. Omega’s horn begins to glow in kind, as both begin to rear up menacingly. With a sudden thunder of noise, Omega realeases a beam of energy from its horn, while simultaneously Stygia fires a black beam from it’s mouth, with a horrible roar. Both beams collide midair, and for a few seconds they are evenly matched. Then the blue beam of Omega, begins to weaken and the black ray of Stygia, rushes forward and blasts an enormous hole in the Kaiju’s body. Omega collapses and Stygia roars in triumph. However this battle has weakened it and will have to hibernate to repair itself. The corruption will consume the planet and there will no longer be any life left to consume. It will have to move on and find yet another world to feed upon. Should its old foe return yet again, it will be ready.


Kaiju Name: The Reaper
Gender: Unknown; probably agender
Age: Somewhere between 2000 and 3000 years
Iconic Sound/Roar: Kinda like Kraken’s gurgle, but more like a hiss

Eye Appearance: 6 small, orange gloweys lined up in a row
Head Appearance: Kinda like Irys from Gamera, but with a filter-feeding mouth beneath it and less spiky

Torso Appearance: A hunched, arthropod-like form with a row of spikes on its back
Limb Appearance: Its legs look somewhat like a combination of a theropod dinosaur’s and Goliath’s legs, and its 4 large arms are huge, resembling those of a mantis shrimp; however, the spike/claw part faces forward when folded. It also has a smaller pair that is closer to those of a mantis, which is kept in its chest (note, the smaller arms are similar to the picture, but the larger arms are more clublike when the “wrists” are folded and the clubs are spiked)

Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: Has a tapering tail that ends in a club with a row of spikes akin to those on its back
Color scheme: Reddish underside, purple back

Element Associated with it: None
Main Attack Ability: Using its arms to claw at targets
Secondary Attack/Special Ability: Grabbing with its arms and clawing with its smaller arms
Third Attack/Special Ability: Its mouth has a rasping edge, which is uses to bite/suck if it can
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: Supposedly can emit a shockwave like that produced by a very powerful, Michael Bay tier explosion; however, only one account of this exists, and it’s from the sole survivor of a fight with another Kaiju, so it’s under debate whether or not it can do this
Traversal/Movement Ability: Despite its appearance, it can run quickly and has a lot of stamina.
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Is able to burrow
Escape Tactic: Burrowing or running away until it reaches a body of water; at which point, it will try to outswim its foe
Special Powers: A colony of flying, insect-like creatures lives on it; at first, these were thought to be parasites, but the creature seems to be able to command them, and they seem to be what does the digging when it burrows; can detect radio waves, but why or how this trait developed is not known

Back Story/Creation Legend: It was first found in 1954 by an oceanographer, but this account would long be considered a hoax until naval sonar detected a large, unidentified moving object in the Indian Ocean in 2034. A submersible was sent to investigate, and the creature was made known to all the world. Though it never showed hostility to begin with, the United Republic of Stanistan, recently formed by all the countries that ended in “-stan”, decided to try to blow it up. The creature’s exoskeleton resisted most of the barrage, but it nonetheless began to regard humans as a threat. The attack was used as an excuse to try to destroy it, so the United States agreed to create a weapon of pure patriotism to kill it. This weapon would be an AI called JUDAS, which became to smart for its programmers and took control of its prototype body to escape. At the same time, the creature came ashore in Maine. JUDAS quickly realized he needed an artificial fuel designed for him to live, and his creators made a deal with him: kill the creature and he gets his fuel. After receiving the upgrades needed for the task, however, JUDAS betrayed his creators once again, forcing them to give him his fuel or die. Shortly afterward, the creature arrived at JUDAS’s location, where it did battle with him and destroyed him. Scientists would later determine that it was annoyed by the radio signals JUDAS emitted, which it was able to detect. Afterward, it left, but would regularly return to take newfound shortcuts to feeding areas, which it knew of only now because it had never been on land. Even though it rarely went out of its way to kill anyone, destruction always followed in its wake. Its appearance is now treated like a natural disaster, and it is tracked whenever possible. For this, it has earned its name: The Reaper.
Worst Enemy: Any military that attacks it; JUDAS, who some believe may have been revived by some idiots in Nebraska or whatever. Other kaiju exist, but the Reaper does not show aggression to them until attacked.
Goal in Life: It displays no interest in anything in particular but food; however, some believe it may be looking for something.
Preferred Food Source: Plankton.
Manner of Feeding: Filter-feeding.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:

The truck approached the great mechanism slowly. Inside was the substance the machine needed to operate. Without it, it would shut down. The hose was inserted into a hole at the base of the machine’s neck. It stayed in there for a solid hour, pumping the fuel inside; then, with a hiss, it was removed. JUDAS stood up. His giant, humanoid form was clad in white armor, and glowed with green lights. He felt rejuvenated, and flexed his massive fingers, feeling the new strength of his upgraded form. He nodded toward his human subjects; an action which, even as simple as it was, gave off a sinister atmosphere.

Suddenly, a horrid shriek rose from the horizon. A giant, crustacean-like form stomped toward JUDAS, and it finally saw what was creating the painful sensation beneath its skin. Here was the source of its rage, its pain, its fear. It saw that this was nothing more than what it was: a giant. The creature felt empowered by this knowledge. It wondered if it knew what it was doing, or even if it was intentional.

JUDAS answered the creature’s question for it. He charged straight at it, running at full speed, knowing that this display of force would ensure the humans would obey him. The creature stood firm, waiting until JUDAS was right in front of him; then, faster than could be believed by any other than those who saw it that day, it extended its four great arms, piercing them into JUDAS’s hide. JUDAS was surprised by this, but did not waste time in freeing himself from the creature’s grasp. He tore the claws out of him and slammed into his enemy’s body. Now the creature was furious. This time, it charged at him. JUDAS prepared to punch it, but to his surprised it dove into the ground and…disappeared. JUDAS stared at the hole in the ground, puzzling as to where it could have gone. Without warning, the creature sprung from behind him, and pinned him to the ground. Its smaller arms tore at his spine, and with a great heave, it tore the upper part of JUDAS’s torso off. It dropped him to the ground; but, to its surprise, JUDAS still lived. He turned and grabbed at the creature, but it responded by crushing him in surprise. Exhausted, the creature turned back to where it came from. The sea was its home, and there it would remain…for now.

Moral of the story: jet fuel can’t melt steel memes.


Alrighty, time to show off what I’ve been cooking!

Here’s an illustration I made of my very own Kaiju! Original design by yours truly!

Kaiju Name: Cancira
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Iconic Sound/Roar: Imagine the hissing of a snake mixed with roar of a lion and a woman that has a very sore throat but is screaming her lungs out.
EDIT: Oh god, this is so what I had in mind.
Eye Appearance: None
Head Appearance: Snakelike
Torso Appearance: Human/snake
Limb Appearance: Human/snake
Wings/Other Appendage Appearance:

  • Legs are crab-like.

  • 6 scythes on the front to pin down prey.

  • Poisonous pincers near mouth to numb and weaken prey.

  • Acid glands under tongue that can shoot big amounts of acid a considerable distance.

Element Associated with it:
Main Attack Ability: Acid spit
Secondary Attack/Special Ability: She has eggs on her back that can hatch instantly. If hatched instantly, they will feed and grow fast, but will also die within 5 hours. A proper egg can also be layed, but in order for it to hatch the mother must first feed a lot. This type of egg will always result in a female. She hunts other Kaiju in search for food for this process.
Third Attack/Special Ability: Stomach scythes suck energy.
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: Cancira will sacrifice her own body in order to feed her eggs with energy. Many male spawns will attack the nearby threat, while a female hatchling will attempt to escape.
Traversal/Movement Ability: Immense speed
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Legs make for fast jumps that reach far
Escape Tactic: Same as last ditch effort.
Special Powers: See attacks? :slightly_smiling:
Back Story/Creation Legend: Unknown.
Worst Enemy: Any kaiju with very thick armor, as her scythes have a harder time with that.
Goal in Life: Feed and lay eggs. Preferably strong females.
Preferred Food Source: Other Kaiju or big mammals.
Manner of Feeding: Scythe drain or normal eating.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:

The city was lost. Buildings had fallen like dominoes for the last thirty minutes. The districts that weren’t covered in dust from the collapsed buildings were melted to a giant, smoking pile of goop.
They were still going at it.
One hour ago an enormous Kaiju had appeared off the coast of city. It had been slowly making it’s way, as if drawn by the heat of the volcano further inland. The Kaiju had thick rock-like scales covering most of its body and seven arms scattered at seemingly random places on its body. It looked as if a mountain had risen from the depths when it appeared. Even the ocean seemed to quiver at its might. It walked slowly, but effortlessly through the water until it reached shore. Each step it took made the city shake. But just after it had reached land, it stopped dead in its tracks. The ground stopped shaking, but then it started to shake once more. But differently. It started out quiet, but fast, and it grew exponentially in both sound and force. It all stopped for a moment. And then suddenly from far above, an enourmous figure crashed down towards the kaiju from the sea. It was just like they people had heard it told on the news. Cancira had come to feed.

The two kaiju were intertwined for a moment after the assault, but Cancira quickly got to her feet and leapt away. The two kaiju gauged each other for a moment. The rock kaiju was the biggest of the two. Canciras nimble figure made her seem ever so small compared to the rock kaiju, even though their height wasn’t far from equal.
Even after the force from Cancira’s initial attack, the rock kaiju appeared unscathed. Deep cuts from the scythes of Cancira were visible on the plates covering the chest of the rock kaiju, but none were deep enough to cause any harm.
The rock kaiju charged, but it wasn’t nearly as fast as the infamous Cancira. Before the rock kaiju had finished its attack Cancira had already circled around it. She was looking for weak spots. The back appeared even more well protected than the front. Before the rock kaiju could spin around she had already leapt onto it’s back. She went straight for the neck. The plates where more scarce here, but still too thick for the scythes to cut through to the flesh. She made a vile scream and gurgling sound, and just after followed a stream of green bile from her mouth. Cancira had found the ideal spot to attack, and had now spewed her acid spit in order to be able to ensure the kill.
But the world turned upside down in an instant. The rock kaiju had thrown itself on its back. Cancira was pinned to the ground. The rock kaiju turned and steadied itself, all while keeping her down with one of its many arms. She struggled and kicked with her long legs, but her strenght couldn’t counter the weight of the rock kaiju.

She screamed as the rock kaiju tore of her front right leg. Next followed one of her scythes as she was desperately attacking his chest. All seemed lost.
The scream turned into the gurgling sound that they people still alive had heard once earlier. A fountain of bile spawned from the depths of her mouth and covered the entire front side of the rock kaiju. They both howled and roared in pain, as the acid had also covered the weaker points of Cancira.
Five razor sharp scythes pierced the now weakened chest of the rock kaiju. Her opponent desperately tried to shake her off, but she had too good a hold now.
On the verge of death Cancira had started to feed. She began glowing red from beneath her scales for a moment, but then suddenly seemed to lose energy.
POP! A loud sound emmited from her back made the rock monster stop its struggle for a moment. POP! Another pop sounded, and soon after several followed. Cancira rapidly started decay and all life left her, but from her back life had sprung. With the energy she had harvested from the rock monster, and her own life energy on top of that, she had unleashed all of the hatchlings she had on her back. In the few seconds it took for Cancira to wither away, each of her youngins had already grown to a fifth of her size. But what they yet lacked in size compared to the rock monster they made up for in shear numbers. She had hatched twenty seven eggs total. All but one of the hatchlings charged the rock kaiju, going straight for its weakened chest. It took them a couple of minutes to devour the kaiju completely, but they had killed it in mere seconds after attacking. These hatchlings would all die within hours though. Only one had the capability to survive and grow. One female, who had already made her way to the outskirts of the city. She was desperate to find safety. But it won’t be long until feeding becomes a priority for this hatchling.
A new Cancira had seen the light of day.


Kaiju Name: Meervix

Gender: Male

Age: 4,787 Years Old

*Iconic Sound/Roar: A snake/lion roar (Loud as a lion with quick and short pauses between them with no sound of an S)

Eye Appearance: Two cyborg eyes placed on where a humans would be

Head Appearance: Wasp shaped with no mouth, ears, nose

Torso Appearance: Holds the two guns on the side of the stomach and has missiles in the back and then two arms attached like a humans but metal one holds the Warp cannon and another holds the Spider Grapple

Limb Appearance: 3 Long crab like legs with two in the front and one in the back

Wings/Other Appendage Appearance: No other limbs

Element Associated with it: Mecha Robot

Main Attack Ability: Chain Gun: A big chain gun that fires out bullets and inside the Mech prints the bullets out for continuous firing; the Chain Gun also has a Chainsaw attached to the bottom of it.

Secondary Attack: Heat-Seeking Incendiary Missiles: Fires out a barrage (12 Missiles) of missiles that track humans down and if missed the missiles explode in a heat wave making the escaped victim on fire.

Third (Special) Ability: Plasma Shield: It forms a shield around itself to deflect bullets, rockets and other heavy artillery.

Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: Warp Cannon: It teleports itself to an exact place in the world.

Traversal/Movement Ability: Jet Pulse: All 8 legs release a burst of fuel that allows the Meervix to jump great distances

Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Spider Grapple: It shoots out a harpoon that pulls itself to that exact location

Escape Tactic: Warps to different locations and disrupts signals to escape in needed situations

Special Powers: Can create and change weapons as well as 3D printing ammo

Back Story/Creation Legend: It is said that it was a meteor shooting down to Earth and Area 51 put a containment perimeter around it. When it was being transported the alien robot warped away from that area and disappeared for more than 500 years.

Worst Enemy: Nanohex, A robot hive queen that 3D prints

Lelmic Drones: Suicidal robots that release an EMP to disrupt electronics

R.P.E. (Rocket Propelled Explosives) Turrets: Destroys Air craft and all other metal type vehicles.

Hornets: Ariel robots that fire missiles and other corrosive weapons.

The Nanohex continues to breathe and make different robots to destroy the Meervix

Goal in Life: Sent down from a different planet known as Teslic it defends the planet from other Kaiju’s from Teslic.

Preferred Food Source: Scrap Metal

Manner of Feeding: Sucks up metal in its mouth and then compresses the metal together and swallows it.

Describe in Thrilling Detail (& within roughly 3 short paragraphs) a Winning Fight Scene w/the Worst Enemy:

There they are Meervix and Nanohex standing in front of each other as if it were a standoff. Meervix fires the Chain Guns at Nanohex. Nanohex acted a second late as was shot a bit before activating his shield. Nanohex started to deploy wasp drones and they were flying fast as they shot rockets. They hit Meervix and destroyed the missiles that were flying towards him.

He activated his shield before corrosive substances could even touch him and he released an EMP off of him that dissembled the army of drones that were attacking him. Meervix then fired a barrage of missiles at Nanohex as his shield was done from the EMP blast. Successful hits had ignited Nanohex into flames. As Nanohex burned Meervix ate the drones and gained much more power as Nanohex was losing all of it.

With Meervixes binary thoughts going on he found a way to destroy him. He started the sequence to charge his Warp Cannon he fired more missiles as well as shooting him with the Chain Guns. When it was fully charged he aimed and fired at Nanohex and he was gone. He was teleported into the middle of the Earth’s atmosphere. What Meervix didn’t know what that was what Nanohex was feeding off of and Nanohex will be revived Soon


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