Windows 10


So question, now that Windows 10 is offering a free upgrade to anyone whom owns a legitimate version of Windows 7 or Windows 8. I’m curious to see who and how many people will be upgrading to Windows 10.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I had no idea this existed

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I’ll just wait and see how you guys like it before I decide. :wink:


I’m gettin it fo free cuz its freee

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The offer is open until July 29th, 2016 so you have a year to decide before you have to pay.


I already did the thing


Chu can cancel if you want.


I am commited dammit


The force is strong with this one.


We’ll see.


I was in preview build for few months already, i liked it more than 8.1. I’m in a desktop environment so those metro apps were worthless, every time i had to deal with fullscreen programs, i rolled my eyes…
A week or so ago, Windows 10 came out of preview program and went RTM (Release To Manufacturing). It’s a stable system, with great potential for gamers (DX 12). It will take time though until it’s acceptance will be as high as Windows 7, but it’s inevitable. We need to move forward, we need to start using more cores, so our games can finally look as good as hardware permits. I don’t expect anything groundbreaking though, at least not within first 2 years, but who knows what will the future bring?

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I just realized that there’s a chance Windows could mess up causing me to lose everything. Additionally would the upgrade even be worth it as of now. Hmmmm.

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I most likely won’t be upgrading simply because I don’t know if all the programs I need will run on Windows 10. If I do upgrade at all it will be like the day before and only after I’ve researched everything and tested it out in the Windows store at the Mall of America.

I need to be able to use my Intous drawing tablet, run the whole Adobe Suite, Autodesk Maya/Mudbox/Max, Pixologic Zbrush/Sculptris, Corel Painter, Pixar Renderman, and any plugins I regularly use for Maya.

In the past I upgraded to Windows 8, thought I mistakenly downloaded something for Xbox, realized that this was indeed a PC operating system, then restored back to Windows 7 LOL


Well I use my computer for gaming really so if I end up upgrading and stuff doesn’t work or gets lost I’ll be annoyed. Reinstalling steam, Evolve, trying to remember passwords ect.


NO! Staying with Win 7 for eternity.

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I am very worried about losing what I have on my system- which isn’t much, just Chrome, Steam, a few bits and pieces and a gif/meme/picture library…


I didn’t lose anything.


I’m probably going to get it for the exclusive game that’s already advertised for it. :unamused:


The thing I am afraid most is that older games that I love a lot will not be working on Win 10 T_T


If Windows 10 is as discusting as Windows 8, then no thanks.

Seriously, every time I see that discusting windows tab I really, really want to punch something, hard.
It pisses me off so hard and I don’t know why. The only reason I can come up with is the fact you can’t even choose it. You have to download a (barely functional) fix from the web. Perhaps is that someone actually thought they were clever when they came up with it. Just looking over my post now is making my heart beat faster.


If I say that I liked it will you torture me to death?