Windows 10 | Xbox + PC?

Hey guys! I am here to ask an important question. With the release of windows 10, the gaming world is going to see a large influx of games being played cross platform with the new way that Windows 10 works. If you aren’t up to speed yet, here is the link.

One of the first games to fully utilize this is going to be Fable Legends with it’s compatibility across both Xbox One and PC. And the question I am asking should be fairly obvious at this point, but I want to know if Evolve will release a patch to allow cross platforming after the July 29th Windows 10 release. Honestly I don’t see any negative impact from that happening. Let’s think about it for a sec: consolidate the player base, get ESL going together on the platforms (instead of separately), tailor to one specific community and not two. I just see so many potential benefits of this.

If I have any of my information wrong please let me know, I feel like I hit the nail on the head though. Let me know what you guys think! If @Shaners could make an appearance it would make me smile (: (:

If that’s going to happen, I’d want a separate matchmaking for PC only, apart from unified matchmaking.

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While I would like to see more players playing together I actually see 2 problems:
-Hunters with Mouse will be superior to those with gamepad (minor issue, and not always true)
-PC can not afford to patch as often and needs to pace down to Xbox-speed.
But I honestly don’t know what would annoy me more: A lot of time waiting for players or a lot of time waiting for more bug fixes.

The two main issues by introducing cross plattform play between PC and Xbox would be:

  • M&K users whould have to deal with controller users, something that would be frustrating.

  • Controller users that are not used to accurate monster attacks from a M&K user would be frustrated.

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Yeah, I hope this never happens


Cannot be understated.

Kek…I am imagining the rage now. :stuck_out_tongue: Huge influx of Rock Throw/Abduct/Fissure/Tongue/Skillshot moves OP threads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or vice versa I guess, auto aim shots from console

Auto-aim has been ubernerfed, has it not? Although that was only on Hunters, but I don’t see monster ability autoaim being so bad.

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This will never happen. Game was not designed with that in mind and patching it is not as simple as just few lines of code. fable is TPP, Evolve is FPS. Have you ever heard of a game called Shadowrun? It was a fail experiment of trying to put PC players m/k vs Xbox players on controller. What was discovered was that average mouse and keyboard user was equivalent to good controller players. Don’t get me wrong, Evolve is not counter strike, aim is not that much of a deal but it’s something that every FPS has to deal with. So, as much as it seems to be good idea on paper, doesn’t necessarily have to translate well to real life.

And no, there will not be a lot of games that will have that feature. Not in First Person Shooters at least. Just like dx12, it will take YEARS until we see more than just a handful games doing anything more then what we have now.

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Mouse > Controller, Consoleplayers would get obliterated. Unless Consoles finally get a mouse/keybvoard support, this won’t happen.

It is actually already happened…


This is nothing new, but it’s something that is not “directly” supported by any console, until they do, it’s a cheat IMO. I’ve read their forum + other ones about it, people are split on the decision if it’s legit way or not to play vs other people, XIM claims that they are legal, but I haven’t seen them being used in any major tournament (I haven’t fallow them I over a year, so I could be mistaken). For now though, it’s just a niche product for small group of hardcore people.

I don’t see TRS spending resources implementing cross platform play, but it wouldn’t ruin evolve like it would with typical FPSs where competing sides both shoot at each other.

It wouldn’t negatively affect me as an xbox player to have M&K teammates. PC monsters compete against M&K hunters so console monsters could as well. Console hunters don’t move around and dodge monster attacks any slower than PC hunters do since it isn’t aim dependent so PC monsters against console hunters wouldn’t be any sort of advantage.

Come to think of movement with controller vs M&K, consoles have a 360 deg joystick, much better than the wasd keys. PC players need to aim the mouse to move in a direction other than 90 and 45 degrees from where they stand.

PC players dramatically underestimate console players. If this was CS, console players would be at a huge disadvantage, but not here with monster vs hunters.


Remember when Windows Vista promised Direct X 11 games? Ya how did that turn out? I’ll believe it when I see it. Right now Microsoft knows that Windows 8.X sucked the proverbial sucking stick and is desperately trying to force Windows 10 onto people. Free download? (More like free beta testers) I still don’t think this will take off like Microsoft/media thinks it will.

[quote=“MaddCow, post:15, topic:64467, full:true”]I still don’t think this will take off like Microsoft/media thinks it will.

Everyone I know who tried the Technical Preview said it was pretty amazing. Even with all the praise, I’m still waiting until the end of the 1 year grace period for the free upgrade before trying it. Or SP1, whichever happens first.

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It’s basically happening if you think about the steam machine, it’s just not xbox that is the console

Steam machine is a PC. (but I get what you’re saying about controllers, it’s just not that simple)


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Considering there is already at least 8 games planned at or near release, some even before release, and the massive benefits this gives being nothing to trifle with, I’d bet you’re horribly wrong.