Windows 10 Unveiled


Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be the name of its next operating system.

Give it a read at BBC & The Verge



didnt they skip 9???


10:43:34 AM PDT
Q: Can you talk about the name? Seems weird going from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

10:43:57 AM PDT
A: This product, when you see the product in your fullness I think you’ll agree with us that it’s a more appropriate name.






I’m going to guess it has to do with 10=X so that they can market it as the new WinXP system.


I don’t even know anything about it and going to assume that it’s good. Microsoft seems to come out with a good windows product, then a terrible one.

3.1 (Better thand DoS)
Windows 95 (pretty awful)
Windows 98 (Second edition is one of their best for the times) Great
Windows ME (Sucked badly)
Windows XP (Pretty good)
Windows Vista (Good grief this thing wasn’t good)
Windows 7 (New and improved)
Windows Mobile… I mean 8 (Pretty bad so far)
Windows 10

Granted, their were minor tweaks on versions throughout, and Windows 2000 was an interesting release around when ME came out and was pretty stable, but not really designed as home user OS like many of the others were.


The reason Microsoft has skipped 9 is because they do NOT want you saying Windows Nein. Microsoft management is very concerned about appearances. Having people say “Windows No” is not acceptable to them. I’m sure the PR folks will try to spin this in the media, but the word nein literally is why 9 is being skipped. By using 10 they can also do a stupid OSX vs WinX marketing campaign (I think this is another dumb idea out of marketing, but their budget is huuuuuge and they can do no wrong especially when “Samsunging” Apple).


Actually, Microsoft Indonesia president Andreas Diantoro stated that “Windows 9” would be available for free to existing Windows 8 users—putting Microsoft in line with the distribution model for new versions of Android, iOS, and OS X. I would assume that this is there way of ‘fixing’ Windows 8 without charging people due to their inept launch of 8.


He will be revising that statement. He meant Windows 10, not 9. There will be nein Windows 9. :wink:


I actually enjoy Windows 8 quite a bit. It has much better boot times and I don’t mind the lack of a start window. I never used it anyway except for search, and the new UI or whatever I should call it allows searches all the same. Only thing I could really complain about is shadow copy, but that is a “meh” area for most users.


I’ll give you a list of my gripes with it:

  • Hidden menus, this should never be a thing with desktops
  • full screen start menu is horrible, especially with multi-monitor or full screen applications
  • Metro apps that take up entire desktop, this should never have been a thing
  • Should default start to desktop (granted it’s a setting you can change now)
  • Tiles looks atrocious

There might be more but looks like they’re going in a good direction with 10.


Ya, I think they realized that the vast majority of PC Desktop Users don’t want a mobile setup on their rig.


I have no interest in supporting crapfested user interfaces or policies.


Makes sense


Why the hell is Microsoft still sticking to the Metro concept? Seriously, the idea of having a bunch of tiles as a UI is annoying, makes it look busy and having a flow of information looks chaotic.


Because they think they need to be like apple and mobile devices that use that kind of format. Mobile devices are EXTREMELY more popular than PCs at the moment, so it’s their attempt at a cash grab.


Yeah, they’re trying to use Windows 10 as a base for every type of electronic device from what I understand. Windows 7 had it spot on with their design, but they tried WAY too hard and lost it with 8. For me, the only platform I’d use Windows on is a PC, any other device I’d rather use Android or even iOS.