Windows 10 - Stuck on lock screen and keyboard and mouse don't work


I’ve searched everywhere on the internet and nothing has worked so I guess I’ll come here and ask you people because I’m desperate. So currently I’m stuck on the lock screen and the mouse and keyboard are not responsive. The screen isn’t frozen because the time is updating. If there’s any details you want to ask for specifics I’ll answer what I can. hep

Edit: This on an alienware r51 (I think that’s what its called). I think this may have happened because I downloading something to use a ps3 controller on the pc and I checked all the boxes. It was called scptoolkit or something like that.


So what have you tried so far? Just so suggestions aren’t repeated. :slight_smile:


Reboot in safe mode, always a good place to start.


Well I’ve plugged the mouse and keyboard out multiple times, changed which USB ports they were in. I tried getting in the BIOS (whatever that is) and the mouse and keyboard worked there. I tried to mess with some of the settings there and still nothing. I’ve been trying to get into safe mode by pressing f8 or that with shift and it still wont work.


Well, do you have the windows installation disc?


Pretty sure not. I think theres one here for windows 8.1 but that probably won’t work.


Not if you have 10, no. You can try to create one on a different PC, that way it can fix any of the drivers that may have been messed up. You can also create a USB version.


Just uninstall what you installed via keyboard (if you can navigate)… and if you are on default settings of windows, then you might have an artificial save point to roll back a bit.

Also, when I mouse and keyboard locks up, its usally sometype of usb conflict, (two devices trying to use same resources.)

SO… if you could answer these questions first.

1)can you navigate DOS menus like ESC or F8 during the boot cycle?
2)Do you lose mouse and kb after windows loads?


Yeah I was thinking of that. Do you have a link to a download?


Um what exactly is a DOS system? And I guess I’d say yes to the second question. If I go to the BIOS menu or start up during loading, it works and I go to those menus. But as soon as I get to the lock screen it won’t work.


DOS is the actual Operating system the Windows uses to load its shell (shell being windows in this case) So when your in the boot process and you hear a BEEP from your computer, for an experiment start hitting f8, esc, or del to see if it spawns your boot menu. (do not be intimidated by this menu, it looks old archaic) If you can get into that, that means that the drivers are indeed running into a problem with the windows load.


Don’t save changes if it ask and your good to go from there to figure out your next possible culprit. (if it helps, I was software sales manager promoted to hardware sales manager promoted to corporate salesman for CompUSA…)


Alternatively, here is a recommended troubleshootin sequence.

Hardware check Try using a different USB keyboard/mouse. (assuming these are USB devices, and not PS2, based on your statements)
Bios Settings Verify the USB settings in your bios. Based on your statements I would recommend Legacy support. (In your case, this seems to be correct)
Recovery Mode / Safe Mode Since your devices currently are functional prior to windows load, its like that they're being disabled by the operating system. This can be due to any number of reasons. It is best that you boot to recovery mode. For this, there are 2 methods:
  1. Press the recover key at startup (typically f8).
  2. Use the Bios to boot from a windows recovery usb.

Both of these paths will bring up a menu. If you’re on windows 10, its blue. Use this menu and navigate to Safe mode. There are step by step tutorials available online for your navigation.

Once you’re in safemode, Check if your keyboard is working…
If it is, its a driver issue. You’ll need to just restart and save settings on exit. Should fix the problem. If it doesnt

If these starter steps dont work. Let us know and we’ll guide you through the next steps :slight_smile:

Reminder to everyone, please use this codes on the forums for step by step information. Helps with page readability.


I made it easier to copy and paste :slight_smile: Enjoy.
@Kathryn_James and @TheMountainThatRoars are Rocking it btw :slight_smile:


Try the DOS angle first, otherwise you’ll need a second pc to make the repair item.


@TheMountainThatRoars @Seedsy @Kathryn_James Thanks guys I’ll try these out later today. :stuck_out_tongue: