Windows 10 minecraft


it feels weird my first time playing it on a pc also it has some stuff console dosent have and missing stuff console has why


Cause Microsoft.


Cause Limitations.

Also, what’s it missing? I’m intrigued.


mutton so far is missing. it has a special dirt in villages


how is windows 1o limited shouldn’t it be more powerful then a console


Really? I’m surprised that Microsoft would do that. Then again, it is Microsoft.


It just came out though. It’s possible Mojang is still figuring out the best way to use it.


it also has a bad freeze for about 30 seconds sometimes


Solution: just keep playing on console :confused:


but I got gud at the controls :confused:


but yeah right now xbox versions are better


You should play the versions that aren’t Windows 10. No bugs and smooth gameplay. Plus all the up-to-date materials.


what wil consoles get now that there at pc 1.8?


No idea. I don’t really play MC all that much, although I used to in the beta days.


I dunno. Don’t play it on console. So far, though, they’ve been limited as to what they can take, so some of the custom world generation might be taken out, as well as some new biomes and the huge worlds.


we got all the new biomes