Windowed fullscreen STILL minimizing

I know that you guys have your hands full with stuff you need to add to the game in an attempt to save it, despite the fact that the game should have been released with some of them, but the fact that windowed fullscreen still minimizes really kind of screams incompetence to me at this point.

Perhaps I am being petty or over reacting…but I know for a fact there are many people out there that are just cringing at the fact that this isn’t fixed yet. Can you please just fix this already?

There are better ways to draw attention to an existing issue without being disrespectful. That being said, I completely understand your frustration and hopefully a fix will be in the upcoming TU alongside Hunt 2.0.

There is a post about this very issue, in a thread about this issue, that you started. Might I advise you in the future to revisit your old posts to make sure you’re up to date on the news? Hope this helps!