Win With the Least Amount of Damage?


So I just had a match, no idea what happened but the first encounter I had their medic(Laz) already had two strikes,and several of them were around 1/2 health.

No idea how they ended up that way, but I ended up winning the game while doing just under 3,000 damage (from abilities)
Anyone that has something similar, post your screenshot!
Please, real games though…no customs, obviously.


I won once without doing anything , turns out all 4 of em go the drop ship glitch and died in 15 seconds lol


I dropped into a game as Wraith, and I realy only wanted to be a Hunter. So I was to the bottom of a map and let a Tyrant kill me. They all seemed pretty confused at the end.


That’s not what winning is D;


It was winning to me. :laughing:


And the Hunters win without doing any damage.


1 word.


I like how the pro-tip for the Nomads say they are passive grazers unless you rile them up. Apparently riling them up means walking within like 2 miles of them and then they’ll mule-kick the shit out of you.


I rock throwed someone into one of them once it was funny they never had a chance… nomads are mean.


I just wish once you were down they would leave!!! They literally will sit there and kick you to death.


As a monster I like killing wildlife on top of hunters against Laz’s


I had a game where I won with no damage, Tyrant went uber and stole all my kills, i mite have the screenshot saved on my ps4 x3